Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility

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Comprehensive Safety Review

As a result of comprehensive testing, physical changes, and the establishment of tubing flow only, SoCalGas® has demonstrated that Aliso Canyon storage facility is safe to resume injection operations. As part of the State’s Comprehensive Safety Review, developed by the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) in consultation with independent technical experts from the Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, and Sandia National Laboratories, DOGGR and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) will determine if SoCalGas is authorized to resume injection operations. In contrast, the Root Cause Analysis will determine the specific mode and mechanics that caused the failure in the casing at the SS-25 well site.

The ability to resume injections at Aliso Canyon is critical to the reliability of the region’s natural gas and electricity systems. There is no dependency on or need to wait for the results of the Root Cause Analysis. SoCalGas has demonstrated that the field is safe to resume injection operations. 

To date, 49 storage wells at the Aliso Canyon Storage facility have passed all of the tests required under DOGGR's Comprehensive Safety Review. In compliance with the Safety Review, the remaining wells have been temporarily and mechanically sealed off from the storage reservoir.

In addition to being mechanically sealed and isolated from the pressure in the field, wells that are temporarily sealed are filled with fluid to provide a second barrier of protection. Daily observation of these temporarily sealed wells will continue and they are also being monitored in real time for pressure changes. A video explaining this process is available here.

Wells that have been temporarily and mechanically sealed will either complete the second phase of required testing or be permanently sealed and taken out of service, per regulation.

According to SoCalGas’ biweekly report to DOGGR on Friday, October 7, 2016, 27 storage wells at the facility have passed all of the tests required under DOGGR’s Comprehensive Safety Review. Nine wells are currently in the second phase of diagnostic testing. Seventy-eight wells have been temporarily and mechanically sealed off from the storage reservoir until further testing is completed. The next report to DOGGR will be sent this Friday, October 21. Prior to being used for injection, a well must pass the following tests:
  1. Temperature
  2. Noise
  3. Ultrasonic Imaging
  4. Cement Bond
  5. Magnetic Flux Leakage
  6. Multi-arm Caliper
  7. Hydro Pressure Test of Well Casing
  8. Hydro Pressure Test of Inner Tubing

Wells that are temporarily sealed during inspection are filled with fluid that provides additional protection, in addition to being mechanically sealed and isolated from the pressure in the field.

Daily observation of these temporarily sealed wells will continue and they are also being monitored in real time for pressure changes.

A Message from Our President and COO

While it has been almost a year since the leak was stopped at the Aliso Canyon storage facility, our staff at SoCalGas® has not stopped working on enhancing our operations, technology, and safety at the facility. Our work won’t stop here: we are committed to continuously improving what we do in consideration of the safety and wellbeing of our neighbors and customers.

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