San Bernardino Mountain Community Storm Response

We are dedicated to maintaining the safety of our communities.

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Updated as of March 9, 2023

Historic Snowfall Response

  • Since the historic snow fall in the mountain communities of San Bernardino County, SoCalGas continues to have crews on site 24/7 and coordinating our response in collaboration with first responders and other agencies to several snow-related emergencies including, damaged utility infrastructure, blocked vents, fires and reports of natural gas odors
  • Our priority in this phase of the response is focused on public safety. We have deployed snowcats, snow ready transport vehicles such as snow mobiles, ATVs and UTVs and drivers, chains for company vehicles, aerial mapping helicopters, and more.   

SoCalGas Operations

  • SoCalGas field crews have continued responding to safety-related orders. We have over 100 employees and contractors working in the mountain communities with dozens more supporting emergency coordination, logistics and response. 
  • Our Customer Service Representatives have also been in direct contact with customers who have reported gas odors or other utility safety concerns, and we are working to get a crew out to every location where a potential issue has been reported.     
  • In addition, SoCalGas is using advanced meter data and data collected by aircraft to identify potential safety hazards and to help prioritize repairs.   

There Are No Reports Of System-wide Outages

  • Natural gas service remains on throughout the area. There have been no system-wide gas outages, over pressure events, or other conditions impacting gas system infrastructure or reliability.
  • If you DO NOT smell gas, please do not DO NOT turn off your gas meter.     

Safety Tips For Community Members

Gas Meter and Piping

Gas Meters and Piping   

  • SoCalGas continues to respond to several reports of gas odors, fires and other snow-related safety conditions.

  • As residents plan their return home, please be cautious of potential damaged natural gas meters, regulators, and associated natural gas piping.
  • In some cases, falling snow, ice, or structural collapses caused by heavy snow have damaged natural gas meters, service lines or internal gas house lines.
  • In the majority of instances, a meter buried in snow does not present a safety hazard on its own. However, heavy snow and ice falling from roofs can damage natural gas meters, regulators, and associated natural gas piping. The buildup of snow or ice could block the meter vent.
  • Keep water from dripping from your roof and freezing on the meter.
  • If it is safe to do, residents are encouraged to clear meters so that the meter and associated piping are not damaged by the weight of the snow. It is important to be careful not to damage the meter or piping when removing snow.
  • Never use a shovel or hard object to remove the snow from the meter as doing so risks damaging the meter.     
Carbon Monoxide Risk

Carbon Monoxide Risk

  • Blocked exhaust vents from your heater, laundry, stove, or water heater could present a carbon monoxide risk. If safe to do so, identify and clear the location of air supply and exhaust ducts of snow and ice. Keeping vents clear can prevent operational problems for appliances and the accumulation of carbon monoxide in buildings.
  • Please make sure your carbon monoxide (CO) alarms are working properly.
  • If you smell gas indoors, leave the building immediately and call for help.  If you believe your natural gas meter has been damaged or smell natural gas near your meter, please call 911 or SoCalGas at 1-800-427-2200 immediately.       

More information on carbon monoxide


SoCalGas Billing Support

SoCalGas Billing Support  

  • Residential customers in San Bernardino County may be eligible for Emergency Disaster Relief. Visit to learn more.   
  • For eligible customers, we offer year-round assistance program options to support eligible customers who are having trouble paying their gas bill. Visit to learn more.  

Emergency Disaster Relief

Customers in San Bernardino county may be eligible for emergency disaster relief.

Emergency Response Operations Center

See how we work to promote safety and maintain natural gas service in an emergency.