Our Investment Portfolio

Learn about a few of the exciting projects that are a part of our investment portfolio.

  • Clean Energy Systems (CES) * has developed an oxy-fuel combustion technology to generate electric power with zero or near-zero NOx, SOx, toxins or greenhouse gas emissions. Fuels include both gaseous fuels such as natural gas, syngas from coal, biomass or landfill gas biodigester gases and liquid fuels including glycerin from bio-diesel production facilities, refinery residues and oil-water emulsions. Using pure oxygen to burn hydrocarbon fuels produces tremendous amounts of heat energy, and only CO2 and water as byproducts. If this exhaust stream is used to turn a steam turbine and then the CO2 is injected deep into underground sandstone formations, there is no pollution and no CO2 emissions. View an Overview of Clean Energy Systems (PDF)
  • Unitary GH&C Products, LLC (Ambian) GAX — Space conditioning technology, including a new generation of small gas chillers and heat pump system.
  • Nano Products – Nano-scale powders for a variety of products in the semiconductor, fuel cell and catalyst industries, as well as other hydrogen-reformation concepts.
  • Pentadyne – Revolutionary high-speed flywheel technology.
  • STM Power, Inc. – External combustion (Stirling-cycle) engine technology for mechanical, electrical and cogeneration systems.
  • H2Gen – Advanced modular hydrogen-reformation technologies.