Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff

Find out how to take advantage of our Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff for your business.

Biogas can be processed for utilization in many end-use applications.
The Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff, Schedule G-BCUS, is an optional tariff service for customers that allows SoCalGas® to plan, design, procure, construct, own, operate and maintain biogas conditioning and upgrading equipment on customer premises.
Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading (BCUS) Services under this Schedule is conditioned upon arrangements mutually satisfactory to the Biogas Producer and the Utility for design, location, construction, and operation of required BC Facilities. Examples of customer end-use applications that can be served by the Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff include, but are not limited to: renewable natural gas for pipeline injection, CNG for vehicle refueling stations, and conditioned/upgraded biogas for combined heat and power (CHP) facilities.
Non-utility service providers may offer services that are the same or similar to the Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff and customers are encouraged to explore these service options. To assist customers in understanding all of their service options, SoCalGas has compiled a list of suppliers1 which includes project developers, consultants, equipment manufacturers, installers and others.
Customers interested in the Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff should be aware of the following:
  • The Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff is a fully elective, optional, nondiscriminatory tariff service that is neither tied to any other tariff or non-tariff services the customer may receive from SoCalGas, nor will it change the manner in which these services are delivered. As an example, requests for an interconnection capacity study are processed on a “first-come, first-served” basis for all customers, including customers that elect to take the Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff and customers that do not.
  • Any agreement to provide service under the Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff is at SoCalGas’ discretion and will depend on non-discriminatory factors such as safety, SoCalGas resource availability, technical feasibility, and acceptability of commercial terms.
  • SoCalGas will not engage in any activities upstream from the point of receipt of untreated biogas or downstream from the service delivery point for conditioned/upgraded biogas. In particular, the establishment of the utility interconnection facility is the responsibility of the tariff customer.
  • The customer is the sole owner of any natural gas treated under the Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that treated biomethane intended for pipeline injection meets Rule 30 standards for pipeline injection of customer-owned natural gas.
1Provided for information purposes only. There are numerous qualified non-utility providers of products and services needed for construction and operation of biogas conditioning and upgrading facilities, but SoCalGas does not recommend or endorse the products or services of any particular party listed herein, or represent that the particular products or services are fit for any particular purpose or use. By publishing this list, SoCalGas is not acting in an advisory capacity, and does not assume any responsibility for use of the list by customers. Although commercially reasonable efforts are used in posting this list, no representation is made that it is complete or free from error. Related information is posted at To be added to the list, please send an e-mail to Vendors are listed alphabetically and the order of listing implies no preference.
The information contained herein is made available solely for informational purposes. Although SoCalGas has used reasonable efforts to assure the accuracy of the information at the time of its inclusion, no express or implied representation is made that it is free from error or suitable for any particular use or purpose. SoCalGas assumes no responsibility for any use thereof by you, and you should discuss decisions related to this subject with your own advisors and experts.