Energy Efficiency Contracted Programs

Learn about the programs we offer to help our customers use energy more efficiently.

The following energy-efficiency contracted programs are approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and are administered by SoCalGas®. Contractors were selected through a competitive bid process to implement the program under a contract awarded by SoCalGas.

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Business Programs

Agriculture Energy Efficiency (AgEE) Program

  • The AgEE Program serves agricultural SoCalGas customers by providing technical support in installing cost-effective solutions through a combination of strategic measure focus and driving customer awareness of both energy efficiency (EE) and non-EE measure benefits. AgEE offers monetary rebates for qualifying upgrades and access to potential grant funding and financing options.
  • Contractor: ICF

Commercial Building Energy Solutions & Technologies (C-BEST) Program

  • The C-BEST Program targets SoCalGas business customers outside of San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange counties that use under 50,000 therms. The program can help pinpoint energy-efficiency improvements that could reduce overhead operating costs, improve customer and employee comfort, reduce maintenance time and costs, as well as help save money and energy.
  • Contractor: ICF

Large Commercial Program 

  • The Large Commercial Program is an energy efficiency program that offers financial incentives for the implementation and verification of natural gas-saving technologies. The program supports a comprehensive list of upgrades and provides technical assistance and financing options.
  • Contractor: Willdan 

Large Public Sector (LPS) Program 

  • The LPS Program offers no-cost services to help you meet your energy efficiency goals by determining opportunities for energy savings and prioritizing according to your capital plans. The LPS program serves Local government, Federal government, K-12 Education, Special districts, Public-Owned utilities; Cities, Counties, County hospitals, Health districts, Transportation, Public housing, Water/Wastewater (not statewide), Correctional facilities (not statewide). These customers must have an active SoCalGas account and use at least 50,000 therms annually. State buildings are not eligible.
  • Contractor: Energy Infrastructure Partners

Public Direct Install (PDI) Program

  • The PDI Program targets small and medium public facilities, local and federal government buildings, and K-12 educational facilities. Qualify for installation of no-cost measures and co-pay advanced energy efficiency measures.
  • Contractor: Synergy Companies

Small Business Savings (SBS) Program 

  • The SBS Program targets all small and medium customer facilities under 50,000 therms located in San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange counties. The program focuses on helping businesses lower their energy bill and improve competitiveness by saving energy through several program resources, including assessments, kits, and prescribed incentives.
  • Contractor: Franklin Energy

Service RCx+

  • Service RCx+ helps large commercial SoCalGas customers improve the operations of their facilities by directly implementing no-cost retrocommissioning and optimization services. By participating, eligible customers could improve facility performance, realize energy savings benefits measured at the meter, track performance, and receive ongoing support to keep facility operations optimized.
  • Contractor: Veolia North America



Statewide Programs

CA Foodservice Instant Rebates Program

  • With the California Foodservice Instant Rebates Program, California Investor Owned Utility (IOU)* customers can get valuable Instant Rebates on qualifying energy-efficient equipment for their businesses. You can skip the paperwork and receive an Instant Rebate as a discount directly on your invoice when you purchase qualifying high-efficiency natural gas or electric commercial foodservice equipment from participating dealers. Qualifying equipment must be installed at a non-residential site that receives natural gas and/or electricity service from one or more of the California IOUs.
  • Contractor: Energy Solutions
* The California IOUs are SoCalGas®, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E®), Southern California Edison Company (SCE®) and San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E®).

Midstream Water Heating Program

  • The Statewide Midstream Water Heating Program helps business owners and building managers purchase high-efficiency commercial water heating products at reduced prices and contractors build lower-cost equipment into their bids. Distributors can receive incentives and program support for offering instant point-of-sale rebates to eligible commercial customers of SoCalGas®, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E®), Southern California Edison (SCE®) or San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E®).
  • Contractor:  DNV Energy Services USA Inc.

Small Business Opportunities Program 

  • The Small Business Opportunities (SBO) Program offers eligible SoCalGas commercial customers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic no cost Energy Assessment and Coaching Sessions to assist in potentially reducing their energy use. Enrolled customers may receive on-site energy assessment to help identify no- and low-cost opportunities that could potentially reduce energy costs. SBO Participants will be assigned an Energy Ambassador who may conduct four energy management coaching sessions to: Review rate options to meet specific needs, as applicable; Discuss and refer energy saving programs offered by SoCalGas that may help reduce energy use by implementing certain energy savings measures and/or offsetting installation costs of energy savings measures; Help guide potential energy savings project development efforts.
  • Contractor:  Willdan 


Business and Residential Outreach Programs

Community Language Efficiency Outreach (CLEO)

  • The CLEO Program promotes SoCalGas energy-efficiency programs and provides education and training to customers in our service territory who speak Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish as their first language. The program will also address the needs of the African American community. Offerings include interactive workshops and community booths, as well as low-cost and no-cost energy efficiency products for Residential and Foodservice customers (High Efficiency Toilets and Smart Irrigation Controllers may be available). Offerings include interactive workshops and community booths, as well as low-cost and no-cost energy efficiency products for Residential and Foodservice customers (High Efficiency Toilets and Smart Irrigation Controllers may be available).
  • Contractor: Global Energy Services, Inc.

HERS Advanced Rater Training Program

  • The HERS Program will provide advanced training and education delivered both in the classroom and online. Training is for currently certified HERS raters, energy analysts, and others involved in new and retrofit residential construction. Attendees will be trained with the goals of quality installation and maximizing energy savings in their projects. Training will cover new technology, new codes and standards, installation and testing techniques, and design approaches to ensure they are properly and consistently modeled, installed, and verified.
  • Contractor: CHEERS/ConSol


  • The LivingWise Program combines classroom learning and home retrofit/audit projects completed by sixth-grade students and their parents. It provides a LivingWise Activity Kit for each customer.
  • Contractor: AM Conservation

Multifamily Energy Alliance (MEA) Program

  • The MEA Program provides energy efficiency guidance and rebates for Multifamily property owners and managers to help work toward their energy efficiency goals. MEA offers select no-cost upgrades, equipment rebates, and step-by-step support throughout participation.
  • Contractor: ICF
Programs are administered under a contract awarded by SoCalGas. Programs are funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). California customers are not obligated to purchase any products or services offered by these programs. The trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.