Reliable Natural Gas

Powering the Future

Natural gas provides the source of more electricity generation than any energy source in California. According to the California Energy Commission, data gathered as of September 10, 2015 indicates that 60 percent of all electric generation in California comes from natural gas. Read more*.

Moreover, natural gas continues to support the expanded use of renewable energy resources. When the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine, natural gas fuels electric generators that provide power to resident customers and businesses for heating, cooking, and operating.

More than 101,000 miles of transmission and distribution pipes and four natural gas storage facilities make up the natural gas infrastructure needed to provide natural gas throughout the SoCalGas service territory.  The Aliso Canyon storage facility, which is the largest such facility in the western United States, supports natural gas deliveries to homes and businesses throughout the Los Angeles Basin and directly supports 17 natural gas-powered electric plants needed to provide reliable generation and delivery of electricity.

Fueling the Los Angeles Basin

Aliso Canyon is centrally located in the Santa Susana Mountains to allow for quick and effective gas distribution that meets real-time energy demands. If there is a sudden demand for gas in the Los Angeles (LA) Basin, gas stored at Aliso Canyon is ideal for quickly meeting that demand. Aliso Canyon distributes reliable, low-cost natural gas to both small and large customers in the LA Basin. Gas withdrawn from storage fuels 17 Southern California power plants, making this facility vital to electric grid reliability. Aliso Canyon helps reduce the risk of interruptions that would impact customers’ heating in the winter and cooling systems in the summer.