Storage Facility Safety

Learn about our natural gas storage facilities and our commitment to safety.

We deliver safe, reliable natural gas to nearly 21 million consumers throughout Central and Southern California. To help keep prices low, protect customers from price spikes and meet higher customer demand for natural gas in the winter, we buy natural gas throughout the year and store it at our storage facilities like Aliso Canyon. Natural gas from the storage field also helps supply the energy needed for electric generation.

Aliso Canyon Storage Facility

Learn more about the industry-leading enhancements at Aliso Canyon.

Aliso Canyon Turbine Replacement Project

Get updates on the Aliso Canyon storage facility upgrade and learn about the benefits.

Playa del Rey Natural Gas Storage Facility

See how we are working to ensure the safety of our Playa del Rey storage facility.

La Goleta Natural Gas Storage Facility

Find out how we are meeting customers’ energy needs.

Honor Rancho Natural Gas Storage Facility

Find out how we provide customers with safe and reliable natural gas.