Energy Market Services

We're here with the tools and resources to help your business meet its natural gas needs.

Backbone Transportation Service

Find out how to take advantage of Backbone Transportation Service (BTS).

Natural Gas Transmission

Learn about the journey natural gas takes to get to homes and businesses as well as power everyday activities, such as cooking, bathing and washing clothes.

Natural Gas Storage

Find out how to acquire natural gas storage capacity rights.

Secondary Market Services

Find alternative solutions to manage your natural gas market needs.

Gas Suppliers for Noncore Customers

Noncore customers can also purchase natural gas from a gas supplier.

Core Aggregation Transportation Services

Learn about Core Aggregation Transportation CAT Service for natural gas customers and suppliers.


Learn about potential service interruptions and how they may affect your business.

About SoCalGas ENVOY®

Our online tool to help you manage your natural gas supplies and services.