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SoCalGas® is actively working towards the goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and delivery of energy by 2045. Innovation and the rapid development of new technologies are vital to our success. Our Research, Development, & Demonstration (RD&D) Program plays a key role in this effort by developing and demonstrating transformational products and technologies that promote decarbonization across the natural gas value chain and a diversified portfolio of clean energy sources, distributed networks, tools, and applications.

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Industrial Decarbonization – Priority Technical Spaces

We invite you to watch out webinar about technology priorities in industrial decarbonization. Speakers from Darcy partners conducted a strategic analysis of technologies impacting industrial decarbonization and leveraged a variety of data sources to understand the impact of emergent industrial energy transition technologies. They identified three areas of priority: thermal energy storage, distributed hydrogen production, and point-source carbon capture. For each of these, Darcy explored early-stage companies working on these solutions and built out innovator comparisons identifying the key innovators and how their solutions differ. We reviewed these findings and discussed synergies these technologies may have with a gas utility.

Nolan Kelly, Darcy Member Experience
Nolan has a master’s in public policy from UC San Diego. Prior to working at Darcy, Nolan worked as an economist consulting for utilities in the Pacific Northwest, including Bonneville and Portland General Electric. He maintains an active interest in distributed resources and industrial decarbonization.

Juan Corrado, Darcy Research
Juan graduated from Catholic University of Argentina with a degree in Environmental Engineering. He maintains an active research portfolio including energy storage technologies as well as distributed generation, in particular for off-grid applications. Prior to his work at Darcy, Juan was a Project Engineer at 360Energy working on grid-scale PV generation design and construction. Juan has recently broken out into research on topics such as asset management to compliment his energy storage and generation research.

Mora Fernandez Jurado, Darcy Research
Mora graduated from Catholic University of Argentina with a degree in Environmental Engineering. She works on the Darcy Energy Transition channel and leads research in carbon capture and sequestration, responsible gas generation and use, geothermal, and other clean fuels. During her studies, Mora began her research in geothermal power at GFZ Potsdam which has since expanded to other aspects of the energy transition. 

Lindsey Motlow, Darcy Research
Lindsey Motlow is a research associate at Darcy Partners, covering Hydrogen and firm low carbon power generation research within the Energy Transition and Sustainability teams. She went to graduate school in Physics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is passionate about digging deep into system engineering challenges faced within the clean hydrogen, advanced nuclear, and advanced combustion spaces and helping energy operators and investors streamline their project planning and development processes.

Moderator: Alan Leung, Customer End-Use Applications Project Manager – RD&D, SoCalGas

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RD&D 2022 Annual Report Spotlights

  • RDD-annual-report-04California Port deploys hydrogen fuel cell trucks for zero-emission cargo handling

    GTI Energy leads demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell yard tractors for emissions reductions at the Port of Los Angeles. The project’s goal was to develop and demonstrate two zero-emission hybrid hydrogen fuel cell yard trucks at port terminals operated by TraPac at the Port of Los Angeles. Based on this project’s success, TraPac has begun exploring how to transition all of its cargo handling equipment to zero emission. This project made significant progress in reducing some of the stigma associated with hydrogen and is an important step forward in developing a thriving hydrogen market in Southern California.

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    RDD-annual-report-06_0New insights are created by breaking down industrial data silos with digitization

    Energy technology company, METRON, has created an innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) product and set of strategies to reduce energy consumption, help lower utility bills, and shrink carbon footprints. This technology seeks to tear down data silos in industrial facilities, enabling users to understand and analyze data in real time and gain actionable insights at the machine or asset level. Upon installation of the sensors, METRON deployed its software ecosystem and professional services to drive significant energy use cost savings and emission reductions. The success of the project was a direct result of the positive collaboration among METRON, The Gill Corporation, and SoCalGas. 

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Public Workshop Notice

The Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) hosted a public workshop presenting the 2022 Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D) program results and review 2023 RD&D activities. It is also an opportunity to obtain input from stakeholders, including the 

  • California Energy Commission
  • GTI Energy
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Other organizations engaged in gas research and development regarding intended RD&D spending for the 2024 calendar year

The workshop was ordered by the October 1, 2019 Decision Addressing the Test Year 2019 General Rate Cases of San Diego Gas & Electric Company and Southern California Gas Company (D.19.09-051 at pp. 378-379). 

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