Accelerating the Transition to Clean Energy

ASPIRE 2045: Sustainability Strategy

Innovating our business to create lasting benefits for stakeholders by doing the right thing, championing people, and shaping the future.

ASPIRE 2045 is our strategy to further integrate sustainability across our business. It builds on our March 2021 Climate Commitment to aim to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and delivery of energy by 2045, and focuses on the five areas below where we can have a strong, positive impact on our communities, our company, and our stakeholders. For more information on SoCalGas’ support of California’s clean energy goals read the full 2023 Corporate Sustainability Report here.

Learn more about our ASPIRE 2045 Sustainability Strategy from our FAQs and Factsheet

Accelerating the Transition to Clean Energy

Accelerating the Transition to Clean Energy



The transition to clean energy is an environmental and societal imperative. SoCalGas is setting the goal to advance the use of lower-carbon or zero-carbon fuels, such as hydrogen and renewable natural gas, in support of our customers and California’s climate goals.

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Shaping The Future with Clean Renewable Hydrogen: Angeles Link

SoCalGas has proposed Angeles Link, a clean renewable hydrogen system, to help decarbonize Central and Southern California, decrease demand for fossil fuels, and accelerate California’s climate and clean air goals. 

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Converting waste to energy

In aiming to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and delivery of energy by 2045, SoCalGas is targeting delivery of 20% renewable natural gas (RNG), produced from organic waste, to core customers by 2030. As of year-end 2023, SoCalGas is delivering more than 5% RNG. 

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Innovating How Clean Energy Is Created And Delivered

Our [H2] Innovation Experience is North America's first-ever clean hydrogen-powered microgrid and home. This project demonstrates how carbon-free gas made from renewable electricity can be used in pure form or as a blend to fuel clean energy systems and communities of the future.

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Investing In Research, Development And Demonstration (RD&D)

SoCalGas and Bloom Energy co-funded an innovative hydrogen blending project at Caltech to demonstrate the potential to displace fossil fuel use and advance decarbonization. The project creates hydrogen, which is then blended into Caltech’s natural gas network and run through fuel cells, generating electricity for campus buildings.

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Protecting the climate and improving air quality in our communities

Protecting the Climate and Improving Air Quality in Our Communities

Protecting the Climate and Improving Air Quality in Our Communities

Cleaner Fleet, Lower Emissions

SoCalGas continues to invest in alternative fuel vehicles. More than 40% of our fleet has been converted to either hydrogen fuel cell, hybrid, battery electric or renewable natural gas-powered vehicles, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve air quality. By 2025, we plan to complete installation of over 1,500 electric vehicle chargers to further expand our clean fleet. 

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Reducing Facility Emissions

Over 93% of electricity used at the approximately 100 SoCalGas facilities included in our ASPIRE 2045 sustainability goal is powered by renewable resources. This furthers our aim to achieve net-zero emissions in our operations by 2045.

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    Achieving Methane Emission Reductions

    SoCalGas is committed to helping to achieve the state's methane emissions reduction goals. In 2021 we reduced methane emissions by 37% – passing the state’s 2025 goal of a 20% reduction and nearing the state’s 2030 goal of a 40% reduction, years in advance.

Reducing ‘Blowdowns’ Helps Environment

At times, SoCalGas performs a ‘blowdown’ to release gas from a pipeline prior to performing certain types of maintenance. Reducing blowdowns through alternative practices in 2023 cut natural gas emissions by about 328,000 million cubic feet. That’s equivalent to removing around 39,000 cars from the road for a year.


Increasing Clean Energy Access and Affordability

Increasing Clean Energy Access and Affordability

Increasing Clean Energy Access and Affordability


We believe the reliable and affordable supply of clean fuels is vital for an equitable transition to sustainable energy. Every year, more than 180,000 California households and businesses access SoCalGas customer energy efficiency and assistance programs. 

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Helping Customers Reduce Energy Use, Save Money

The most affordable unit of energy is the one you don’t use. That’s why energy efficiency programs are proven ways to help customers reduce energy use, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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  • Energy Efficiency Customer Savings

    From 2018 through 2022, our programs have saved customers nearly $360 million and more than 240 million therms, or enough natural gas to power over 600,000 homes for a year, which helps advance our plan to exceed State energy efficiency goals each year. The programs have also reduced nearly 1.3 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions – equal to removing 284,000 cars from the road.


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Making Customer Bills More Affordable

SoCalGas offers several programs for customers having difficulty paying their bills. Our CARE program offers a 20% monthly bill discount to qualified customers, while our Medical Baseline program provides additional natural gas at the lowest rate for customers with qualified medical conditions. 

Learn more about these and other Customer Assistance Programs

Water partnerships Deliver Customer Savings

By partnering with over 20 municipal utilities and water agencies, we’re helping reduce the energy needed for water consumption and heating by installing low-flow faucet aerators and high-efficiency toilets at customers’ homes. These efforts have helped customers save up to 1 billion gallons of water in a year.

Advancing a Diverse Equitable and Inclusive Culture

Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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A sustainable future involves the meaningful participation of all.  Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the communities we serve, and in the workplace, promotes transparency and trust. It expands opportunity, sparks innovation and helps achieve measurable social impact.

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Investing in Diverse & Underserved Communities

SoCalGas cares deeply about the health and livelihood of our communities. Our goal is to invest $50M in diverse and underserved communities from 2022-2026. After just two years, we’re nearly halfway there with $23M in cumulative spend though 2023.

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Awarding Grants for Innovative Climate Solutions

In 2023, we demonstrated our community commitment by awarding $400,000 in Climate Champion grants to local nonprofits with projects focused on resilient energy, clean air, and organic waste to help reduce, mitigate, or sequester greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Supporting a Sustainable Future through Diverse Procurement

    Collaborating with diverse suppliers brings innovative solutions vital to achieving sustainability goals. That’s why we aim to increase total annual Diverse Business Enterprise spend to 45% by 2025. We’re nearly there.

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Collaboration Advances Climate Goals

Five years ago, Native-American-owned Hal Hays Construction was awarded its first SoCalGas contract to build a new regional base in Bakersfield. The building earned LEED Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council for its environmental benefits. Since then, the firm has worked on over 100 SoCalGas jobs, including building a compressed natural gas refueling station. This work helps decarbonize our facilities and our fleet.  

Developing Leaders that Shape the Future

SoCalGas’ Leadership Excellence & Accelerated Development (LEAD) Program prepares employees to lead the company on its sustainability journey. Through diverse learning opportunities, leaders develop skills in leading change, inspiring trust, developing talent, thinking strategically, effective decision-making, and delivering results ultimately enhancing our customer service.

Achieving World-Class Safety

Achieving World-Class Safety

Achieving World-Class Safety


As the nation’s largest gas distribution utility, safety has been – and will remain – our core value. Our comprehensive approach to safety helps to sustain the well-being of the public, our employees and contractors, as well as the integrity of our infrastructure.

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Safe Digging Program Helps Prevent Pipeline Damage

Digging near buried pipelines while planting, doing yard maintenance, or during demolition work can damage pipelines, cause injury, property damage and loss of utility service. Our damage prevention program has helped decrease the pipeline excavation damage rate by more than 26% since 2020, supporting public and infrastructure safety.

Learn about out safe digging program 

Working with our Employees to Enhance Safety

SoCalGas knows that our employees have solutions to improve safety.   To that end, we implemented a “Learning Team” process to engage cross functional, frontline teams of employees to explore and identify learning and improvement opportunities. Learning Teams encourage employees to raise concerns, exhibit a questioning attitude, and embrace a culture of safety and learning.

Supporting Customers During Extreme Weather Events

Following a massive snowstorm in Lake Arrowhead in March 2023, over 180 SoCalGas team members rapidly deployed, along with first responders, to assist more than 800 customers. Using innovative technologies, like methane mapping, employees identified potential safety hazards and allocated resources where they were most needed, improving public and system safety. 

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Enhancing Safety, Reliability at Mobile Home Parks

The Mobilehome Park Utility Conversion Program transitions aging, privately owned, master-metered systems to new, utility-owned systems at mobile home parks throughout Central and Southern California, strengthening safety and reliability for thousands of mobile home residents. As of year-end 2023, SoCalGas has converted over 25,000 mobile homes. 

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