Encouraging Emergency Preparedness & Safety

See how we're working to educate and inform our communities about emergency preparedness and natural gas safety.

While natural gas has the best safety and reliability record of all traditional energy sources, we still need to be vigilant about following our established safety guidelines and continually reaching out to Southern Californians with information on:

Among our programs and activities in 2022:

  • American Red Cross – Greater Los Angeles: Los Angeles’ PrepareLA Mission Adaptation program supports resilience and response efforts for communities across Los Angeles County. The program equips and trains volunteers to provide preparedness, emergency, and safety education to diverse populations; install free smoke alarms in vulnerable communities and making emergency plans with their residents; and prepositioning material assets to safely provide food, shelter, comfort, and relief supplies to people affected by disasters of all types across Southern California. Simultaneously, through this program American Red Cross continues to prepare the most at-risk communities to be their own first responders, make strategic investments to adapt relief services, and augment capacity to help people in need, especially the most vulnerable including: people with low incomes, disabilities, mental illnesses, chronic health concerns, access and functional needs, children, and the elderly.

  • Los Angeles Fire Department: Our grant supported the funding for one of two much-needed Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) helicopters. A light-duty helicopter is primarily used for “Helicopter Command” purposes - command, communication, control, and observation of wildfires, high-rise fires, and other major emergency incidents. On average, the command aircraft is activated twice per day. This number significantly increases during fire season when aircraft support is needed around the clock. Acquiring a versatile aircraft ensures the reliability and safety of the essential services provided by LAFD. 

  • Southern California Rehabilitation Services Inc.: Our partnership supported the creation of a disaster preparedness mobile app for the underserved disability community. Through the push of a button, the disability community will be linked with multiple resources that can assist during times of natural disasters. The mobile app can also provide push notifications to the disability community that can share various resources that can prepare them to be safe during times of natural disaster. The app will contain important contact information and instructions on how to minimize the hazards within their homes during disasters.

  • Los Angeles Police Foundation: Our grant supported the LAPD's Major Crimes Division, Criminal Conspiracy section with equipment to investigate crimes of arson wherein a lit accelerant was used as a weapon against a person, a person sustained significant injury resulting from arson, or arson of an inhabited structure occurred.