Encouraging Emergency Preparedness & Safety

See how we're working to educate and inform our communities about emergency preparedness and natural gas safety.

While natural gas has the best safety and reliability record of all traditional energy sources, we still need to be vigilant about following our established safety guidelines and continually reaching out to Southern Californians with information on:

Among our programs and activities in 2021:

  • American Red Cross – Greater Los Angeles: PrepareLA identifies where socioeconomic, geographic and environmental disaster risks pose a grave threat to the viability of community life. The Red Cross then brings a variety of preparedness programs and leadership to these Communities of Focus. The main elements of effort are centered around Partnerships for Community Readiness and Response, Latino Engagement Team (LET), Regional Readiness Training and COVID Response.

  • Los Angeles Fire Department: Our grant provided the funds for Night vision goggles (NVGs) which are worn by the LAFD’s helicopter pilots while conducting nighttime and low visibility operations. The goggles are necessary for pilots during brush fires, search and rescue missions, hoist operations, and other emergencies with potential structural or natural flight hazards. During fire season, the NVGs provide the ability to zero in on the heart of a wildfire by locating hot spots – an easier and more efficient task conducted at night. The NVGs allow the pilots to deploy more accurate water drops.

  • Southern California Rehabilitation Services Inc. – Our partnership supported the creation of a disaster preparedness mobile app for the underserved disability community. Through the push of a button, the disability community will be linked with multiple resources that can assist during times of natural disasters. The mobile app can also provide push notifications to the disability community that can share various resources that can prepare them to be safe during times of natural disaster. The app will contain important contact information and instructions on how to minimize the hazards within their homes during disasters.

  • Los Angeles Police Foundation– Our grant supported the LAPD's Major Crimes Division, Criminal Conspiracy section with equipment to investigate crimes of arson wherein a lit accelerant was used as a weapon against a person, a person sustained significant injury resulting from arson, or arson of an inhabited structure occurred.