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Distribution Pipelines Emissions Map

SoCalGas Distribution Mains & Services Methane Emissions Map

SoCalGas is providing customers with a consolidated, searchable map that demonstrates Distribution Mains and Services methane emissions data collected since 2016. The data is collected through the company's various routine surveying practices and operational and maintenance practices of its distribution pipeline system. The data is updated on an annual basis (June- July) to include the datasets of future years.

SoCalGas Efforts to Reduce Distribution Mains & Services Methane Emissions

We have a long-standing commitment to modernizing our system infrastructure to increase safety and reliability and reduce methane emissions. We continually use the best management practices and technology to minimize & detect emissions. Some of the most effective steps we have taken include:

  • Prioritizing Leak Repair

    We have developed and implemented a Decision Tree method to prioritize leak repairs.

  • Leak Mitigation

    In order to reduce leaks in the system, we created a Project Management Team with dedicated crews to gain efficiency through leak mitigation best practices.

  • Accelerating Leak Surveys

    Leak surveys on distribution lines have historically been performed according to State and Federal Regulations to ensure safety. We continuously evaluate and increase leak surveys across the Distribution Pipelines to make the system more resilient and robust.

  • Aerial Methane Mapping Technology

    The use of this innovative technology has resulted in a substantial increase in the speed and frequency in which leaks can be identified and repaired. This allows us to better assess and enhance our mitigation efforts.

Working with state and federal agencies

For close to 30 years we have been protectively working to reduce GHG and methane emissions through the EPA's Natural Gas Star Program. Since 2017, we have been a partner in EPA’s Methane Challenge, another voluntary GHG reporting and reduction program. SB 32 (Pavley, 2006) requires a 60% reduction of GHG emissions below 1990 levels by 2030.

In addition to our voluntary program efforts, we also have our Leak Abatement Program to reduce methane emissions in compliance with SB 1371, which mandates gas utilities to reduce methane emissions by 20% of their 2015 baseline by 2025.


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