What You Can Do to Support Methane Reductions

There are a number of ways the public can help reduce methane emissions. These include:

  • Call SoCalGas at 1-800-427-2200 if you smell natural gas, hear the hissing sound of gas escaping or see other signs of a gas leak.[1]
  • Call 8-1-1 (Underground Service Alert) at least two business days before you dig in the yard or place of business to have underground utilities marked. This will help avoid possible injury or damage to hidden gas lines, loss of natural gas service or serious injuries.
  • Sign up for Bill Tracker Alerts. This allows customers with Advanced Meters to monitor their gas usage on-line to detect an unusual consumption pattern and help keep bills low.
  • Buy energy efficient equipment. SoCalGas offers rebates toward the purchase of energy efficient equipment. Click here to learn more.
  • Support SoCalGas' efforts to introduce renewable biomethane into its system.
[1] COVID-19 may cause a temporary loss of smell that could make it more difficult to detect the odorant that is added to natural gas to help make leaks easier to detect.