Business My Account

Easy, fast and convenient.

Advantages of Business My Account (New)

Online Payments

  • Pay your bill online at your convenience
  • Reduce waste and save on postage costs by going paperless
  • Print duplicate bills
  • Link multiple accounts and users

View Your Energy Usage

Most business customers have received an Advanced Meter communications device that automatically and securely transmits natural gas meter data to our service and billing center, eliminating the need for manual meter reading and enabling us to provide you with more frequent and detailed natural gas usage information.

You can access your information through Business My Account. Learn more about the benefits of Advanced Meters on our webpage.

Bill Tracker Alerts

Small to medium sized businesses with an activated Advanced Meter can sign up for weekly Bill Tracker Alerts via e-mail or text, allowing you to monitor your natural gas costs throughout the billing cycle and take steps to lower your usage.

Bill Tracker Alerts include:

  • Bill-to-date
  • Projected next bill
  • Last month's bill
  • Days elapsed in the current billing cycle
  • Days remaining in the current billing cycle
You can sign up for Bill Tracker Alerts through My Account at no charge. Select the "Manage My Account" tab, then "Manage Alerts".

Additional Features

  • Usernames can be used in both Residential and Business My Account
  • Alerts, such as Bill Tracker Alerts and Bill Ready Notifications for the Prime Administrator
  • Online service orders
  • Expanded user roles and permissions
  • Message center


Business My Account is available to most business customers of SoCalGas with online access. To make an online payment, an account must be in good standing and have no more than one returned check within the last 12 consecutive months. At this time, My Account is not available to customers billed through Sundry Billing and manual-billed customers. Some features may not be available for all accounts at this time.