Benefits of Advanced Meters

Learn how Advanced Meters can help you manage your energy costs help the environment and more...

By upgrading natural gas meters with Advanced Meter technology, we're empowering our customers to save energy and money, and reduce their impact on the environment. Advanced Meter technology also offers enhanced privacy and security, as well as operational savings.

Achieve Your Savings Goals

With the Advanced Meter upgrade, you'll be able to:

  • View your daily and hourly gas usage and costs with our Ways to Save tool within My Account
  • Set a savings goal and obtain personalized tips on how to achieve it
  • Analyze your gas usage and costs over time
  • Sign up for no-cost weekly billing updates with Bill Tracker Alerts

Additional Benefits

In addition to helping you manage your energy usage and achieve your savings goals, Advanced Meter technology provides the following benefits:

Privacy and Security

If in the past you've had to provide us with a key to your gate, leave latches unlocked or confine your dogs to allow meter reading, going forward, you'll only need to provide entry for periodic maintenance. In addition, with an Advanced Meter, data from the gas meter is encrypted to increase privacy and security.

Operational Savings

Because they reduce the need for manual meter reading and improve operational efficiency, Advanced Meters lead to operational savings, which will be passed along to you in overall rates.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Once fully installed, the Advanced Metering system will allow us to remove 1,000 service vehicles off the road each day, eliminating close to 7 million miles driven each year to read meters. Through customer conservation efforts and with fewer vehicles on the road, we expect to reduce CO2 emissions each year by approximately 140,000 tons.

SoCalGas Bill Tracker Alerts

Monitor your gas consumption, take steps to reduce your usage and avoid surprises in your bill. Customers with an activated Advanced Meter can sign up for Bill Tracker Alerts through My Account at You’ll receive weekly updates sent via email and/or text regarding your bill-to-date and projected next bill. Visit “Manage My Account: Manage Alerts” within My Account to sign up.