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Who We Are

For over 150 years SoCalGas has provided reliable and affordable energy to Southern California. Today over 21 million Californians rely on SoCalGas to meet their energy needs, and our ambitious sustainability roadmap is helping to shape California’s clean energy future and advancing the State’s climate goals. As California’s energy system evolves, SoCalGas will be there — helping to power the world’s fifth largest economy and progressing our mission to be the cleanest, safest, and most innovative energy infrastructure company in America.

We are passionate about delivering energy to the communities we serve and our role in the clean energy future. Every path at SoCalGas is a unique opportunity to contribute to a greater purpose.

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A Culture Where Everyone Can Thrive

Culture — how people interact and the way things get done— has a huge impact on work satisfaction. The SoCalGas work environment is inclusive, psychologically safe, and provides growth opportunities for all. Employees feel valued, know their voices matter, and are supported personally and professionally. For more on how we invest in our culture, read a statement from our Chief Talent & Culture Officer.


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How can I check the status of my application?
From the Careers Page click on “Apply Today”, which will route you to our applicant tracking system. Sign in with the email and password that you used to create your profile when you applied. Your application status will be prominently displayed on the first page. You can also click on your name and a dropdown menu will appear with “Check Status” as the top option.
How do I know if my application was submitted properly?
Our application is a two-step process. The first step is to create a profile and upload a resume, and the second step is to complete the digital application and to sign electronically. You will know you are finished when a download of your application becomes available. You will also receive an email from Southern California Gas Co. with the subject “Application Confirmation - Job Title.”
My application says it is Incomplete, how do I complete it?
The application process involves two steps. The first step involves uploading your resume and creating a profile. The second step involves completing the application section and signing electronically. Follow the prompts carefully to ensure you have completed both steps of the process. You will know you have completed the process when you see the option to download your application.
My application status hasn't changed. Who can I contact for an update?
Thank you for applying to SoCalGas, your candidacy is important to us. The hiring process can take several weeks or longer depending on the role. As your application moves through the review process you will receive email updates. In addition, you can also check your status on our site by visiting the Careers Page and click “Apply Now.” You will then be routed to our Applicant Tracking System, where you can log in. Once you are logged in, your application status will be prominently displayed on the landing page, or you can also click on your name and select “check status” from the drop-down that appears.”
I see multiple positions that I am a good fit for. Do I have to apply to all of them or just one?
A separate resume and signed application must be submitted for each job that you would like to be considered for.
Do I have to submit a resume?
Yes, the first part of the application process is to upload a resume and create a profile in the system.
How can I be notified of future opportunities?
SoCalGas is featured on a variety of online job platforms, such as LinkedIn and Indeed. You can set up alerts with these platforms to be notified when a new job is posted. We also encourage candidates to regularly check our Careers page.
I have a disability. Where can I go for assistance with my application?

We want our application process to be accessible for everyone. If you need additional assistance, please contact our HR department. A team member can address any questions regarding special accommodations. Please reach out to us via telephone, at (213) 244-3100, or email:

*Please note we are unable to provide any information on application or job status.

How do I reset my password?
From the Careers Page click on the “Apply Today” button, which will route you to the applicant tracking system. Click “log in” in the upper right corner of the page, enter your email address and click “forgot password.” Next, your email address will appear, and you click “send.” A password reset email will be sent to you.
I have multiple email addresses associated with my applications. Can I merge my accounts?
Our system does not support account merging. We encourage applicants to use the same email address for each application they submit, and to avoid applying to the same job more than once using different email addresses, as this can cause delays in the process. If you have already done so, be sure to check all the email addresses used for updates.
How should I prepare for an interview?

At SoCalGas we utilize Behavioral-Based Interviewing in which you will be asked to explain how you’ve handled past situations or challenges, using the SHARE model for your answers.

Example: Please describe a time when you recommended an idea to improve the quality of a particular method or system. What was the situation? What was your idea and how did it improve the system or method? What happened as a result?

  • Situation – describe a specific situation to the interviewer to provide context
  • Hindrances – outline the challenges, constraints, or hindrances you faced in that situation
  • Action – describe the action(s) and steps you took to resolve the hindrance
  • Results – outline the results or outcomes that came about due to your action(s)
  • Evaluate – evaluate for the interviewer what you gained from the experience and how it can be applied to their team or project
What benefits does SoCalGas offer?
SoCalGas offers a wide variety of benefits, which are outlined above under “Empowering Our People”.
What if I need a work visa?
SoCalGas does not provide employment sponsorship.
Do I have to live in Southern California to work for SoCalGas?
Yes, employees are required to live in Southern California. Exceptions are very rare and based solely on business necessity.
Where can I learn about opportunities for students?
Click here to learn about our internship opportunities.