Hydrogen is an energy carrier that can be used to store, move, and deliver energy.

Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements on Earth and has the highest energy content of any common fuel by weight, but it rarely exists alone, therefore it is produced by extracting it from its compound. When combusted, hydrogen produces water vapor, not greenhouse gas emissions. It can be safely produced, transported, stored, and blended into the existing gas grid to help decarbonize the pipelines. This can require a lot of energy and resources which is why hydrogen technology must be improved to lower the costs involved with using it. 

Hydrogen has been safely used for decades in aeronautics to fuel space exploration and in the industrial sector to process food, manufacture electronics, and make glass and metal. Some processes can produce greenhouse gas emissions so it is important to focus on technology that will focus on low to zero emissions. For example, hydrogen can be renewable or decarbonized if produced using renewable or carbon free electricity such electricity produced from wind turbines. 

How Will Hydrogen Power Our Clean Energy Future?

Integrating hydrogen into our energy future is complementary with renewable energy and could further advance the global energy transition underway. Similar to natural gas, hydrogen requires techniques for safe handling in comparable ways which makes us equipped with both the skillsets in its engineers and technicians, along with the technology to support its development and integration into the next stages of our energy economy. Hydrogen is versatile and can be used to power heavy duty trucks, factories, power plants, as well as your home, appliances, and cars through a hydrogen fuel cell.  Europe, Asia, and Australia have begun scaling up their use of hydrogen to combat climate change and lower carbon emissions. We are empowering hydrogen development for California’s homes and businesses because we believe in a clean, safe, and reliable energy for tomorrow.

Hydrogen 101

At SoCalGas, we celebrate advancements in hydrogen fuel - a clean, safe, and innovative way to combat climate change and lower carbon emissions. We are championing hydrogen development for California’s homes and businesses, because we believe in clean, safe, and reliable energy for tomorrow.

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Leading Through Sustainability

We are working to build a more sustainable future by doing the right thing, championing people and shaping the future.

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Shaping the future with clean renewable hydrogen

[H2] Innovation Experience

First of its kind in the U.S. microgrid that includes a home, solar arrays, a home battery and an electrolyzer to convert solar energy into clean, renewable hydrogen.

Research Development & Demonstration

The RD&D Program seeks to advance and champion technologies that support widespread access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy for all Californians.​

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Clean Fuels

Read about the role of clean fuels and gas infrastructure in achieving California's Net-Zero climate goal.


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