Research Development & Demonstration (RD&D)

Working to reduce the environmental impact for all of us.

SoCalGas is actively working towards the goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and delivery of energy by 2045. Innovation and the rapid development of new technologies are vital to our success. The SoCalGas Research, Development, & Demonstration (RD&D) Program plays a key role in this effort by developing and demonstrating transformational products and technologies that promote decarbonization across the natural gas value chain and a diversified portfolio of clean energy sources, distributed networks, tools, and applications.

RD&D Spotlights

  • clean cement process

    Innovative Process Makes Clean Cement and Low-or Zero-Carbon Hydrogen

    Recently, SoCalGas collaborated with Brimstone Energy on the development of a prototype system that has been designed to dramatically reduce GHG emissions.

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    CO2-free process

    New CO2-Free Process Produces Hydrogen From Natural Gas

    To cut its greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels, California seeks to put five million zero-emission vehicles on the state’s roads by 2030. This project aims to help California meet this goal.

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Our Webinars

Decarbonizing Steel Production with Green Hydrogen

SoCalGas and the University of California, Irvine (UCI) invites you to a webinar to learn about a new $5.7 million effort with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop novel, renewable and more efficient manufacturing processes for steel production. The project seeks to prove that renewable hydrogen, produced via high-temperature, solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC), powered by wind and solar resources, can successfully be integrated into steel manufacturing processes.

In this webinar, Dr. Jack Brouwer and Dr. Luca Mastropasqua of UCI will discuss how the collaboration with Italy's Politecnico di Milano and Laboratorio Energia Ambiente Piacenza (LEAP) and U.S. companies FuelCell Energy, Hatch, and SoCalGas will integrate SOECs with direct reduced iron (DRI) technology to completely decarbonize steel production.

Webinar Details:
Thursday, November 4, 2021
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT

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Materials-Based Hydrogen Storage for Heavy Duty Vehicles

SoCalGas invites you to a webinar, featuring Sandia National Laboratories, that will cover nanoscale metal hydride composites for efficient storage of hydrogen on board heavy-duty vehicles (HDV). These materials have the potential to deliver hydrogen at the right pressure and energy-density required to meet Department of Energy (DOE) targets. Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles can help decarbonize the transportation sector and reduce emissions in high-traffic corridors such as the South Coast Air Basin.

In this webinar, Dr. Mark D. Allendorf and Dr. Vitalie Stavila of the DOE Hydrogen Materials – Advanced Research Consortium (HyMARC) will discuss the development of light-weight materials based on metal hydrides that could enable the use of light-weight alloys to construct storage tanks that operate at relatively low pressure (maximum 100 bar). This work builds on research conducted by the HyMARC.

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Biomethanation: Using Natural Organisms to Convert Waste CO2 and Renewable H2 to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) for Long-Duration Energy Storage and Decarbonization.

SoCalGas and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recently conducted a webinar about a new technology that uses naturally-occurring microorganisms to transform renewable hydrogen and carbon dioxide into renewable natural gas.

This process, known as Biomethanation, could aid in decarbonizing the natural gas grid. In this webinar, Dr. Kevin Harrison, Senior Engineer at NREL, showed how the SoCalGas/NREL collaboration fits into the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Hydrogen@Scale and Waste-to-Energy initiatives, as well as how the collaboration has helped develop technology and catalyze interest in power-to-gas.

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