Browser Requirements

See which browsers are currently compatible with and My Account.

Recommended Browsers

In order to receive an optimal experience on our website, we recommend you use the latest versions of these browsers:

Tested Browsers

Current versions of the following web browsers support viewing on our website:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10
  • Apple Safari 8
  • Google Chrome 39
  • Mozilla/Firefox 35

Internet Explorer Compatibility View

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 or 10, and encountering issues such as misplaced images, menus or text boxes – it could be a "Compatibility View" issue. To exit Compatibility View:

  • Open your browser and select F12 using the function (fn) key
  • A window should open on the lower half of your screen
  • From the toolbar in this window, select "Browser Mode"
  • From the meny, select the version of Internet Explorer you are using

Device Support and My Account are in the process of being updated for smartphones and tablets. The optimized experiences are supported by devices with Apple iOS 8 with Mobile Safari browser and Android devices with Google Chrome for Mobile browser.

We're working to continuously improve customer engagement by targeting popular devices used by customers within our service area. If our websites are not compatible with your device, we suggest you try visiting with a laptop or desktop computer.