Hear from past and current interns and associates about their experiences at SoCalGas.

We offer a number of opportunities for college students and recent graduates to gain valuable experience in real-world environments.

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Associate Testimonials

Delilah Hill

What attracted me to SoCalGas was the fact that they were looking for young graduates such as myself who were looking to bring new ideas and views to the table. From day one I was always treated like a skilled worker and not like an intern who was new to the business world. I loved the rotation program and feel like I am truly pursuing my dream career path.

David King

The rotation program has allowed me to gain an understanding of the accounting and finance portion of the organization. Being a rotational associate gave me the opportunity to network and further develop myself for a successful career at SoCalGas.

Steven Shadpour

The Management Associate Rotation Program has been an exciting opportunity to get involved with such a great company. I just graduated from USC and have only been here a month but have already met so many influential people. The best part about the rotational program is the exposure to many different departments and experiences that allow you to see where you fit best and what you enjoy doing. Networking throughout the rotations is also an amazing opportunity. I would recommend the SoCalGas rotational program to anyone with any background as the majority of my fellow program colleagues have an accounting or finance degree while my background is in engineering.

Intern Testimonials

Katie Buehler

As an intern for SoCalGas the growth I made as a young professional far exceeded my expectations. Working for SoCalGas is the ultimate educational experience because it provides unique business concepts focused on the utility industry. By the end of the internship I felt more confident in my technical analytical and social skills by applying information that I was learning in college to a practical hands-on corporate setting. You can expect field trips speaking events and training classes that will further round out your experience. One of the benefits that I received through my internship was a permanent full-time position after graduation. SoCalGas truly cares about all of their employees and provides many opportunities. I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in experiencing challenging new ideas that will further your range of knowledge about practical business theories.

Veronica Harriman

My internship with SoCalGas in the Meter Reading department was a great learning experience. It gave me the opportunity to apply what I learned in school to real business challenges and help create solutions. The program itself gave me the ability to grow using skills I had while developing new ones. I also had the chance to work with an amazing team that provided a professional and supportive atmosphere. After my internship experience I knew SoCalGas was where I wanted to start my career. And I could not have been more excited and thrilled when I was offered a full-time position after graduation.

Benjamin Ng

Interning at SoCalGas helped me develop skills beyond what I was learning in the classroom. During my stay as an intern in the Mass Markets Billing department I worked on many projects that forced me to think outside of the box in order to come up with recommendations to improve the efficiency of the group. At the end of the internship we were given the opportunity to reflect about our time here and make a presentation about our experience to peers and managers.

Juno Nomoto

Interning at SoCalGas provided me with the opportunity to experience what it is really like to work in the real world. The projects I worked on were challenging but with guidance and support from my team I was able to complete them successfully. Through the internship I expanded my skill set developed my professional interests and gained confidence in pursuing my career. Overall I had a rewarding experience and would highly recommend the internship program.