Natural Gas Appliance Safety & Savings Tips

Stay safe this winter with natural gas heating tips that may also help reduce your energy bill.

In order to keep your natural gas appliances operating safely and efficiently, it's important to perform regular maintenance and promptly make any repairs. Below are appliance safety and maintenance tips to help keep you safe and your appliances working properly.

Range & Oven Safety

  • Never use your oven, range top or outdoor barbecue to heat your home because these appliances are not designed for this purpose and can pose a safety hazard.
  • Keep range, oven and broiler top areas clean of grease. Grease is flammable and excessive build-up may result in a fire.
  • Never install aluminum foil in the oven or range top. This can restrict exhaust vents which can result in carbon monoxide poisoning.

Furnace Safety

Replace your furnace filters at least three times during each heating season or as often as the manufacturer recommends.

Carbon Monoxide

Have your gas appliances inspected regularly by a qualified state-licensed professional at least every year, or as often as the manufacturer recommends. Not performing regular maintenance may result in inefficient appliance operation, and in some cases, dangerous exposure to carbon monoxide.

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