How to Request to Quitclaim Distribution Easement

Learn how to request to Quitclaim Distribution Easement.

Follow these important steps before you start a project:

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    Email our New Business Customer Care Center and provide the following information:

    • Requestor’s name, mailing address, email address, phone, and fax number.
    • A legible copy of the recorded Grant of Easement(s) to be quitclaimed. This can be obtained from your Title Company or the County Recorder’s office.
    • The recorded and most current Grant Deed for each ownership affected by the easement to be quitclaimed. This can be obtained from your Title Company, or the County Recorder’s office, or an ownership Guarantee, or a Lot Book Guarantee for each ownership affected. 
    • If possible, provide a map or Alta Survey depicting the location of the property and Grant of Easement(s) to be quit claimed.
    • If a Partial Quitclaim is requested, upon approval you will need to provide the original wet-signed legal description and exhibit drafted by a licensed surveyor or engineer for the portion of the original easement to be quitclaimed.
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    Processing Fees:

    We will send an invoice of $350.00 per Quitclaim.

    Please send payment to the Monterey Park address that is shown on the invoice to prevent delays in the quitclaim process. Administrative payment does not guarantee approval of the Quitclaim. Documents will be both mailed and emailed to requestor. 
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    Completing Request:

    Upon payment receipt and processing, SoCalGas will begin the process for the Quitclaim request and contact the requestor if more information is required.

    Once the request for Quitclaim is approved, the customer will receive a recorded copy of the Quitclaim Deed.


Please note, processing of quitclaims is contingent upon review and approval.

New Business Customer Care Center can be reached at:
Office: 1-833-417-0589