About the Energy Resource Center

Find out how the Energy Resource Center can help your business operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The mission of the Energy Resource Center (ERC) is to serve as a one-stop "idea shop" where you can find the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive solutions to your energy needs.

About the ERC

Designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an "Energy Star®" Building, the SoCalGas® Energy Resource Center is a model of advanced, energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive building technology.

The ERC showcases innovations in resource-efficient designs, materials and equipment to help your business make informed choices about energy consumption and conservation.

Image of ERC Floorplan

The ERC measures 44,572 square feet and includes a 10,000-square-foot main exhibit hall capable of accommodating more than 700 people. A dozen specialty rooms are available for meetings, workshops, demonstrations and presentations. 

Who We Help

The projected audience for ERC services includes 215,000 commercial and industrial customers. The ERC is designed to help:

  • Commercial and industrial businesses
  • Energy management specialists
  • Facility and plant managers
  • Utility experts
  • Engineers
  • Professional and trade associations
  • Architects and designers
  • Technical and marketing professionals
  • Contractors
  • Energy supply and service companies
  • Residential, commercial and industrial developers and builders
  • Independent power producers
  • Fleet vehicle owners and operators
  • Manufacturers
  • Hotel and restaurant managers
  • Energy/environmental organizations
  • Technical/trade school programs

A Resource for Energy-related Information

The goal of the ERC is to be a resource for energy-related information by providing ongoing programs and services targeted to energy decision-makers. By offering the latest economical, energy-saving and environmentally sound knowledge available, we can help businesses operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

A Model of Environmental Building Design

The ERC advances energy efficiency and environmental innovation, not only in the technologies it exhibits, but also in the design and construction of the building itself. By incorporating the latest in energy-efficient lighting, cooling and architectural design techniques, the ERC minimizes energy, water and materials consumption while creating a high-quality, high-performance space.

Featuring more than 60 resource-efficient technologies and materials, the ERC is a model of environmental building design. To learn more about how energy and resource-efficient features were incorporated into the design and operation of the ERC, and to find out how you can use these technologies in the design, construction and retrofit of new and existing facilities, check out the Energy Resource Center Environmental Building Guide.

Energy Star is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.