Renewable Gas Interconnection Receipt Points

Learn how to set up a new or expanded interconnection receipt point to sell renewable gas.

An interconnection receipt point allows for a new source of renewable gas supply to be sold to the marketplace via the SoCalGas® network of natural gas pipelines.

Although there are many different sources of renewable gas, the process of obtaining an interconnection is identical no matter what the source. Due to the complexity of our system, it's important that you contact SoCalGas at least 24 - 30 months before the desired in-service date so we can help you find the most cost-effective interconnection for your needs.

How To Get Started – Renewable Gas

Review and complete the Form 5500 Standard Renewable Gas Interconnection Fact Sheet which SoCalGas will use to evaluate our ability to accept supplies from your project.

  • If you already know the name of your SoCalGas account representative, call them directly and/or email them your completed project fact sheet.
  • If you don't know your account representative, email the FORM 5500 Standard Renewable Gas Interconnect Fact Sheet to and SoCalGas will reply to your request.
  • You can also call Evan Garza, Project Manager Energy Markets at 1-661-393-1956.

No matter the source of the renewable gas, the California Public Utility Commission has approved a tariff rule that governs the requirements for all renewable gas supplies entering our system, specifically, Tariff Rule 45 in conjunction with Tariff Rule 30.

Rule No. 45

Rule No. 45, Standard Renewable Gas Interconnection, provides the terms of access and interconnection studies. Developing an interconnection with the SoCalGas system starts with a process involving a FORM 5501 Service Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, and three (3) studies. Any party seeking an interconnection is required to pay 100% of the costs for each study with the exception of the initial study (Interconnect Screening Study) for which one study per project is free of charge. An invoice for the estimated cost of each applicable study will be issued and must be funded before each study can begin. 

  1. The first step is completing FORM 5500 Standard Renewable Gas Interconnect Fact Sheet and written request for an interconnect Screening Study.
  2. The second step is executing a FORM 5501 Service Agreement with Attachment A (Free Screening Study) and execute a FORM 5501 Confidentiality Agreement.
  3. The third step is the Interconnector’s written request for the Interconnection Screening Study; one free screening study per project and requires 15 business days to complete and return to the Interconnector. This initial study evaluates a) nearest pipeline with takeaway capacity of Interconnector’s maximum injection volume and b) the closest pipeline and its takeaway capacity.
  4. The fourth step is a written and funded request for Preliminary Engineering Study after the Interconnection Screening Study is completed. In this step the Interconnector executes Attachment A-1 Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) which includes a +100%/-50% Total Installed Cost estimate and P&ID’s. The cost of the PES typically costs $100,000 and requires 90 business days to complete and return to Interconnector. 
  5. The fifth step is a written and funded request for Detailed Engineering Study (DES) and executes Attachment A-2 Detailed Engineering Study (DES).  The DES costs typically start at $525,000 plus $1,000,000 if long-lead materials are included, and requires 180 business days to complete and return to Interconnector. This study includes Total Installed Cost estimate accurate to +50%/-30% and ready for construction P&ID’s.

Rule No. 45

Rule No. 45 provides the general terms and conditions applicable whenever the Utility transports customer-owned renewable gas over its system. The supplier or interconnector is responsible for processing the renewable gas as necessary to meet the Rule 45 and Rule 30 specifications for pipeline quality renewable gas so that it is then capable of being received into our natural gas transportation system for sale throughout Southern California.

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