Vendor Benefits

The Trade Professional Program can help increase your exposure and customer satisfaction.

Trade Professional Directory Listing

Expand your visibility among customers searching our online directory. Eligible vendors and contractors who sell, install, or service energy-efficient commercial and industrial equipment, such as boilers, pool covers, and heaters, and steam traps, as well as foodservice equipment, including fryers, convection ovens, and steam cookers, are invited to join our Trade Professional Directory.

Other Benefits

  • Obtain full rebate application support: We will determine if your project qualifies, and if so, process the rebate, which may help decrease overall costs, for you. 
  • Build relationships with SoCalGas representatives, who can discuss rebates, incentives, financing, and other programs that could benefit your customers and business
  • Receive invitations to SoCalGas events
  • No cost to participate

Eligibility Requirements

Trade professionals must complete at least two equipment rebates or save 10,000 therms through SoCalGas' energy-efficiency programs over a rolling 12-month period.

How to Join/ Contact Us

Please complete and sign the Trade Professional Program Participation Agreement and send it to

1This program is provided for informational purposes only. SoCalGas® does not recommend, endorse, qualify, guarantee or make any representations or warranties regarding the services, work, quality, financial stability or performance of any vendor listed in the Trade Professional Directory, or the goods and services they offer. Vendors are listed in this directory because they elected to provide their name and contact information and not because they hold any particular license or certification. The information in this directory is made available simply as a convenience to customers who wish assistance in locating vendors, and SoCalGas is not, and shall not deemed to be, a party or guarantor to any agreement between a customer and a vendor. Customers are strongly encouraged to perform their own research and due diligence, and to obtain multiple bids or quotes when seeking a vendor to perform any type of work.