Technical Assistance

We are committed to investing in comprehensive supplier diversity initiatives.

Smaller Contractor Opportunity Realization Effort (SCORE) - Boot Camps

The SCORE boot camps are held twice annually and are aimed at diverse suppliers with under $5 million in revenue.  Boot camps provide a one-day dive into subjects such as “Submitting a Winning Request for Proposal” and “Talent Management”

Educational Partnerships

Beyond our programs, we work closely with UCLA Management Development for Entrepreneurs Program to help WMDVBEs improve their business knowledge. We also support the UCLA Advanced Technology Management Institute to equip participants with leading edge management and leadership skills. We have a limited number of partial scholarships available to suppliers currently working with us. 

Business Opportunity Fairs

Minority suppliers and corporate members put their products, services and solutions on full display at business opportunity fairs. These quick hit opportunities to introduce yourself to corporations. To put the odds in your favor:
  • Come prepared with a 60 second elevator speech
  • Know about the company you are speaking with
  • Provide a capabilities statement
  • Follow-up with a “thank you” email


This is an opportunity to spend a little more time with the company representative to talk about your product or service and how you can help with their goals.
  • Do market research to learn about the company you will meet with
  • Clearly state your value proposition and how you meet our needs
  • Highlight your experience with similar companies
  • Provide the representative with an updated business card capabilities statement
  • Ask about next steps, who you should follow up with and how frequently
  • Send a “thank you” email
Continue to market and build your relationship with us