How do I get my security deposit back?

Please use this information when seeking the return of your deposit:

Good Payment History

Your deposit, plus interest, is automatically applied as a credit to your account after your account has been paid for 12 months consecutively without becoming past due.  If your payment is late on any one bill, the 12 month timeline starts over again. Unfortunately, deposits will not be applied as payment for past due bills to avoid discontinuance of service. Credits on active accounts may be refunded upon the customer's request.

Termination of Service

Upon termination of service, the deposit plus interest is automatically applied as a credit on your account. SoCalGas will subtract any outstanding bills from the credit.  If another account is opened, we will transfer the credit to the new account.  

These are the conditions that prevent you from receiving a check in the mail:

  • When applying the deposit does not result in a credit balance (e.g. outstanding bills)
  • When a deposit is transferred to another account and there is no credit balance
  • When a credit balance is generated as a result of a pledge payment

Requesting Your Deposit

To request the return of your deposit or if you have any questions about deposits or a credit on your account, please contact us.