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NEW! Natural Gas Price Notice

Stay informed and be prepared this winter

SoCalGas is now offering a new optional text message to help our customers in planning and preparing during the upcoming winter season.

Customers who sign up for the Natural Gas Price Notice will receive a text message+ from SoCalGas when there is a 20% or more increase* in the monthly natural gas commodity cost, which impacts a portion of their bills. While this new text message is not specific to individual customer usage, it aims to bring greater awareness to natural gas prices this winter season.

Natural gas prices fluctuate based on regional and national markets. We purchase natural gas in those markets on behalf of our residential and small business customers, and the cost of buying that natural gas is billed to customers with no markup, meaning we do not earn additional profits from the sale of natural gas or higher supply prices. The commodity cost of natural gas is just one factor that makes up the total charges on a customer’s bill. Natural Gas Transportation Rates and Public Purpose Surcharges also make up charges that customers can expect to see on their bills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up to receive the new Natural Gas Price Notice?

You can choose one of two convenient ways to enroll:

  • Complete the sign-up form on this page
  • Complete the sign-up form via My Account 

How many text messages will I get per month, and when can I expect them?

A Natural Gas Price Notice text message will ONLY be sent at the beginning of a month during the December 2023 through March 2024 winter season IF there is an increase of 20% or more in the monthly natural gas commodity cost (also referred to as the “core procurement gas price”) per therm on customer’s bills as compared to the average of the previous three winters from November to March. In this situation, customers enrolled to receive the Natural Gas Price Notice will receive up to one text message per month per opt-in phone number at the beginning of the month, if applicable. Customers would receive the Natural Gas Price Notice text message at the beginning of the calendar month, regardless of when their natural gas bill arrives. For most customers, the monthly commodity price affects two monthly bills.

No predetermined number of text messages is expected. Customers enrolled may receive one text message per month from December 2023 to March 2024, up to four messages.

Can I receive the same notice via email instead of a text message?

Currently, the Natural Gas Price Notice is exclusively available via text message.

How can I opt out of this text notice?

Your Natural Gas Price Notice enrollment confirmation text message provides instructions for managing notifications. You can opt out at any time or choose to resume receiving notifications in the future.

If I opt out, will I automatically be opted out of all SoCalGas text messages?

No, opting in/out to receive the Natural Gas Price Notice will not affect your ability to receive other SoCalGas text messages. Should you opt out, you will only be opted out of this text message and will continue to receive emergency and utility service-related text communications as a SoCalGas customer.

Other than the price of natural gas, what other costs make up my SoCalGas bill?

We are here to help our customers understand their bill while preparing for colder weather. SoCalGas rates are regulated and approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). SoCalGas bills consist of three cost components:

  1. Natural Gas Commodity Charge: The cost of natural gas purchased by SoCalGas on behalf of its customers.
  2. Natural Gas Transportation Rates: The cost to deliver natural gas to a customer's home or business.
  3. Public Purpose Surcharge: A CPUC mandated charge to fund public purpose programs such as California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE), the Energy Savings Assistance Program, energy efficiency, and research. 

Taxes and fees vary depending on the customer's location and applicable regulations. Learn more about how these charges are reflected on a customer’s bill. 

What other factors could impact my monthly SoCalGas bill?

Other than the commodity cost of natural gas, factors that could impact your monthly SoCalGas bill include the price of natural gas, seasonal variations, an increase in your natural gas appliance usage, weather conditions, and any remaining unpaid balance from prior bills.

How is this text message different from SoCalGas’s Bill Tracker Alerts?

Bill Tracker Alerts are available year-round and allow customers to monitor their specific natural gas consumption by providing their own projected bill amount based on their actual current usage. Customers with an activated Advanced Meter can sign up for weekly Bill Tracker Alerts through My Account, in the “Manage My Account” tab, at no charge.

I am a SoCalGas customer currently on the Level Pay Plan. Will it benefit me to receive this new text message?

The Level Pay Plan is designed to help with fluctuations in your monthly bill by projecting your annual usage and costs and distributing payment for those costs evenly over a 12-month period. Customers enrolled in this plan make consistent monthly payments based on an average bill amount rather than specific charges for each month. 
Your Level Pay Plan amount was determined based on our forecasts of natural gas commodity prices at the time of your enrollment or at the time of your six-month plan review. An increased price of natural gas this winter season from December 2023 through March 2024 will not affect your current amount unless it is a review month, but it may cause an increase in the variance between the actual bill amount and the Level Pay Plan amount. The accumulated variance at the end of your plan cycle will be spread out across your future Level Pay Plan amount and may cause that plan amount to be higher.
Please note that the Level Pay Plan is not a discount program, and no savings or lower rates are involved. Learn more.

Can I sign up for this text message if I am not a SoCalGas customer?

The Natural Gas Price Notice is not exclusive to SoCalGas customers. Anyone can enroll to receive this text message using the sign-up form on this page.

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+No predetermined number of text messages is expected. Customers enrolled may receive one text message per month from December 2023 to March 2024, up to four text messages.
*The 20% or more increase is calculated based on the average of the last three winter seasons' monthly natural gas commodity prices (also referred to as the “core procurement gas price”) from November to March.