Areas of Giving

We care deeply about the health and livelihood of our communities.

Our vision is to empower our employees and nonprofits to create safer, sustainable, and more equitable communities. Our mission is to provide triple-win grants focused on advancing SoCalGas’ mission, meeting community needs and closing inequities.

Encouraging Emergency Preparedness & Safety

See how were working to educate and inform our communities about emergency preparedness and natural gas safety.

Protecting & Preserving the Environment

Learn about our efforts to promote energy efficiency renewable energy clean natural gas and innovation.

Promoting STEM and Energy Education

A promising future for our communities is directly tied to a highly skilled and educated workforce. It is imperative that we give students a strong foundation to be equipped for the jobs of tomorrow.

Supporting Active Military & Veterans, and Homelessness

Learn about our continuing support for active military, veterans and their families, as well as addressing homelessness in our communities.

Fostering Economic Prosperity

Learn more about our efforts to invest in workforce development programs and our support for local small business.