Promoting STEM and Energy Education

Learn about our efforts to improve and support educational opportunities and workforce development in our communities.

A promising future for our communities is directly tied to a highly skilled and educated workforce. It is imperative that we give students a strong foundation to be equipped for the jobs of tomorrow.

We focus our efforts on motivating students to be prepared for higher education, promoting technology-based learning and encouraging success in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Our global economy requires students to not only have a quality education, but also a strong understanding in STEM.

Some of the organizations/projects we supported in 2019:

  • Cal State Los Angeles – College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology: SoCalGas is a long-time supporter of Cal State Los Angeles, providing annual funding to the College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology. Funding is used for several programs designed to increase the number of underrepresented students in STEM Fields.
  • Focused N’ F.I.T.: SoCalGas took the title as presenting sponsor for the Focused N’ F.I.T. conference that brought together underserved students throughout the Los Angeles area to educate them on attending college and pursuing STEM careers. Employee volunteers led two workshops around STEM and participated on panels to encourage students to maximize their college education and entrepreneurial pursuits by helping them utilize technology to access the world market.
  • City of STEM Science Festival & Innovation Challenge: SoCalGas sponsored LA's largest celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at the City of STEM, a month-long series of amazing events and awesome activities throughout Los Angeles County organized by the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey. Employees volunteers shared their projects and spheroid robots, teaching students about computer programming and coding. Additionally, SoCalGas sponsored the Innovation Challenge as part of the City of STEM. This challenge asked to design a solution to address local energy and environmental issues. Winners were selected and received various prizes.
  • Avengers of Science Camp: Employees from SoCalGas partnered with USC Viterbi School of Engineering to bring a unique summer camp to area children. This Summer Science Camp is a five-day learning experience, where students learn to apply scientific, technical, engineering and mathematical principals to real world situations related to clean energy. SoCalGas employees design, teach, and provide all the materials for the workshops. Having high hands-on content allows students to learn these important principles in engaging and interesting ways.
  • TELACU Education Foundation: For many years, SoCalGas’ sponsorship has helped to ensure that students’ progress on the Foundation's Continuum of Education, attain at minimum a bachelor’s degree and become our nation's next generation of leaders. TELACU Scholars have built a stellar legacy of excellence: historically 99% of their high school students graduate, and almost without exception pursue post-secondary education; and 99% of their college students attain at minimum, a bachelor’s degree, with a number pursuing graduate degrees.