Protecting & Preserving the Environment

Learn about our efforts to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean natural gas and innovation.

As the nation’s largest natural gas utility, we are well aware of our responsibility to implement sustainable practices and remain a sound environmental steward. And, we gladly embrace this role.
We are proud to serve a region that places a high priority on environmental issues, with a wide array of organizations dedicated to important causes, such as urban greening, beach cleanups and clean air initiatives.
In 2015, our activities included the following:
  • We sponsored an Environmental Champions Initiative that solicited grant proposals for innovative projects in the areas of clean energy, air and water and conservation and awarded 37 grants totaling $490,000. These grants provided funding for hands-on environmental education, rain water harvesting, waterway restoration and more.
  • Our first workshop on the state’s Cap and Trade program attracted more than 250 representatives from local cities and government, transit agencies and nonprofit groups. The event provided background on the market-based system that caps emissions from large emitters and how organizations can access funds for environmental programs.
  • We participated in the Health Assessment and Research for Communities’ public forum on air quality. In addition to providing an overview of natural gas’ role to achieve clean-air goals, we also had a booth and shared information on energy efficiency, customer programs and natural gas safety.
  • About 200 employees, friends and family members participated in Earth Month cleanup activities. Locales and/or organizations receiving our support included Bolsa Chica Conservancy, Friends of the Los Angeles River, Friends of the Desert Mountains, Heal the Bay, San Buenaventura State Beach, Arroyo Seco Foundation and Friends of Ballona Wetlands.
  • SoCalGas provided funding for the Mojave Education Environmental Consortium’s annual essay contest for students in grades 2 through 12. More than 100 entries were received from students who wrote about renewable natural gas and how it can reduce energy costs in the future. SoCalGas representatives were also on hand to present awards to contest winners.
  • We sponsored the William C. Velasquez Institute’s Air Quality Education and Outreach Plan. The plan aims to ensure involvement among Latinos to plan, execute, manage and analyze clean-air strategies; lead them to become highly engaged on this issue; and result in job creation in new, emerging renewable energy technologies.