Supporting Active Military & Veterans, and Homelessness

Learn about our continuing support for active military, veterans and their families, as well as addressing homelessness in our communities.

We salute U.S. military and veterans for their service, and we're proud of our employees who have served in the armed forces. We're committed to hiring and retaining military veterans, veterans with disabilities and active military personnel; and we provide resources and career guidance when they return to work after active duty. SoCalGas is proud to partner with organizations dedicated to ending homelessness in our communities.

Some of the organizations/projects we supported in 2019:

  • Goodwill Orange County: Our partnership helped their Tierney Center for Veterans. The center provides veterans with resources and services such as: employment, underemployment, career counseling, healthcare and benefits, financial counseling and assistance, education resources, legal assistance and employment classes. 
  • Foundation for Women Warriors: Our partnership provided women veterans with housing, childcare, employment training and education. Crucial support to their Warrior and Housing Assistance program that bridged housing or a safety net when unforeseen events place women veterans and their children at risk for falling back into homelessness. Our grant also aided in security deposits, rent, job transition and car registration. 
  • Los Angeles Family Housing: Our partnership assisted in providing permanent housing and supportive services to the many thousands of homeless families and single adults. Clients received meals, social services, mental and physical health care, educational services to children, family therapy, domestic violence counseling, substance abuse, and recovery treatment. In addition, our partnership provided housing stabilization, move-in assistance, regular check-ins, landlord communication and community connection for resources. Also, in late 2019, more than 40 employees on Team SoCalGas also assembled Thanksgiving bags and made companion animal fleece blankets to help people experiencing homelessness have an enjoyable and festive holiday.
  • Union Station Foundation: SoCalGas supported their Homeless Family Services which serves their family services program. It provides onsite 3 meals, supportable services and beds to about 200 family members and to their permanent housing facilities which houses about 45 families. Most clients were women and children. Overall program assisted adults and children rebuild their lives and end homelessness permanently. 
  • JVS SoCal: Our first-time partnership helped their Veterans First program with job readiness and training to successfully prepare them for the workforce. In addition, funding helped JVS use the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS) Employability Competency System Appraisal for Reading and Math. The program also offers Veterans with industry-recognized certifications that bridge the gap between their military and civilian career. 

Our Veteran Workforce

Veterans represent about five percent of our workforce, and we continue to hire veterans in accounting and finance, field operations, information technology, project management, engineering and engineering support and business operations. For more information, see our Careers section.

We take part in a number of outreach events, career fairs and training opportunities. The core values of those who serve in the military — integrity, leadership, teamwork, commitment – are in line with our company's values.