Ways to Save Energy-Saving Tool

Learn about the benefits of the Ways to Save energy-saving tool and find out how to start your personalized savings plan.

Energy Savings Made Easy

Your personalized energy savings start with our Ways to Save interactive energy savings tool. Simply answer a few questions and get a household energy analysis, along with customized recommendations on ways to save and how to get started.

Whether you rent or own, you can create an energy savings plan, track and update your progress and see how your actions help you save energy and money.

Benefits of Ways to Save

By using Ways to Save you’ll get:

  • Custom recommendations
    Based on your responses to the energy survey, you'll see your household's unique energy-saving opportunities.

  • Energy use comparison
    See how your home's energy use compares to that of homes in similar neighborhoods.

  • An energy plan for your lifestyle
    Are you a do-it-yourself kind of homeowner? Or do you like to involve the whole family? Pick the lifestyle plan that best fits you, your home and your budget.

  • Rebate and incentive information
    Find out what recommendations in your savings plan qualify for rebates or other incentives.

  • Calculate your carbon footprint
    Find out what your carbon footprint is by using the Carbon Calculator. Get recommendations on reducing your footprint and help the environment.

Getting Started is Easy!

Log in to My Account and click on the Ways to Save tab to start using the tools. If you haven't registered for My Account, you can easily create an account create an account and start finding Ways to Save today.

Actual savings may vary and will depend on various factors, including geographic location, weather conditions, equipment installed, usage rates and so forth.