Environmental Compliance and Awareness

Promoting pipeline safety is an important part of our commitment to safety and the environment.

We believe in treating the Earth’s resources with respect, and we strive to serve your energy needs in a way that protects and conserves the environment of the diverse communities in which we work.

Our commitment to safety and environmental stewardship is reflected in the way we construct, operate and maintain our pipeline system to meet applicable local, state and federal regulations and requirements.

Working Together

Our pipeline operations and/or maintenance activities occasionally take us into environmentally sensitive areas within our service territory. Environmental reviews are conducted for pipeline projects to assess potential impacts.

These reviews enable us to comply with environmental regulations and requirements, secure necessary permits, and implement operational protocols designed to help protect air quality, waterways, natural resources, cultural resources, critical habitat, and endangered plant and animal species. We strive to leave a project site in as-good or better condition than when we arrived.

At SoCalGas®, we make it a priority to work together with customers and with business and civic leaders to encourage environmental stewardship. We aspire to be innovators — to meet the demands of California’s growing energy needs and its goals for renewable energy, while preserving our environment for the future.

SoCalGas Environmental Policy

Whenever we perform pipeline safety and maintenance tasks, such as patrolling, inspecting, testing, repairing and replacing pipelines, we do so in accordance with our Environmental Policy.

We aim to:

  • Join customers, civic leaders and other community leaders in providing sound and responsible stewardship of our environment.
  • Advocate for public policies that protect the environment, using sound science and cost-effective technology.
  • Encourage the development and use of efficient, clean and cost-effective technologies, while helping our customers meet their energy needs in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Lessen our impact on the environment through activities such as recycling and waste-minimization.
  • Incorporate appropriate environmental management and compliance in strategic planning and operational decisions.
  • Encourage innovation and enhanced cost-effectiveness in methods of compliance and use practical means to gauge our performance.
  • Implement appropriate environmental education and training programs for employees and stakeholders.
  • Review results, existing operations and management practices to allow for continuous improvement.

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