Ventura Compressor Modernization Project


Ventura Compressor Station

SoCalGas has safely and reliably operated the Ventura Compressor Station for many years and has been a long-time community partner. Our upcoming facility modernization project is one example of the work SoCalGas is undertaking to build the cleanest, safest, most innovative energy company in America.

SoCalGas will continue investing in infrastructure and technologies to maintain a system that delivers affordable, reliable and increasingly cleaner energy. The Ventura Compressor station modernization project is a critical upgrade that will help keep homes warm and the lights on in Ventura, and up and down the Central Coast. It also delivers affordable and reliable energy to critical facilities like schools, hospitals, and local industry.


  • Compressor Map
    Compressor Upgrade
    The new compressor units will have a higher horsepower rating than the existing equipment to address changing gas usage, as well as supply and transportation dynamics – including the reduction in gas production north of Ventura – that have emerged with the introduction of wind and solar energy into the overall energy delivery system.


For example, SoCalGas’ facility provides gas to electric generators when wind and solar resources are not available, particularly during the early morning and evening hours. These enhancements are necessary to support system functionality and provide greater resiliency as energy systems continue to change over time.

State of the Art Technology

The new equipment being installed on-site will replace existing compressors installed in the 1980s. The new and modern compressors will include the latest pollution control technology and will comply with the rigorous regulations set forth by the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District, as well as all state and federal requirements. 

Soil Remediation

Before the compressor modernization project begins, SoCalGas will safely remove historical pollution in parts of the soil on the property associated with prior industrial uses on the property, dating back more than 100 years. This clean-up work will be done safely under a Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)-approved plan, and in compliance with all applicable environmental and public health laws.

Safety Systems

The Ventura Compressor station has been operating safely and reliably since 1923.

The facility is equipped with a series of safety systems that protect the station.

  • Methane detection sensors and fire detection systems are installed on every compressor unit.
  • All these systems are frequently checked and verified for proper operations.
  • The station is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information, contact: PROJECTINFO@SOCALGAS.COM OR 1-844-765-9385.