Solar Grounding

Grounding Solar Photovoltaic to SoCalGas® Equipment is NOT Permitted

SoCalGas® always encourages customers to make energy efficient choices.  Some of our customers are adopting solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to save money and conserve energy, and we want you to be aware of a potential safety hazard with some of these installations.
Unfortunately, during routine checks of our equipment, we have discovered that some solar PV systems are being electrically grounded to gas meters. This is a potential safety hazard.
During the electrical grounding process, a wire is connected to a metal rod, or another object, that is placed in the ground.  This improves electrical safety by providing a low path of resistance in case of a short circuit. 
However, grounding to SoCalGas gas pipes, meters or service risers (as pictured) is prohibited (California Electrical Code, Article 250), because it can accelerate metal loss from steel equipment that may result in hazardous gas leaks.  It may also lead to electrical shock injuries. For these reasons, you should never allow an installer to ground your solar PV system, or any other electrical equipment, to SoCal Gas meters, pipes or valves. 
We also want you to know that grounding to SoCalGas equipment may require us to discontinue your gas service for your safety until the problem is corrected. 
Your safety, and that of all of our SoCalGas customers and employees, is important to us.  Thank you for remembering that grounding to any of our natural gas equipment is prohibited.