Family walking in the snow. Father carrying small child on his shoulders.

Meter Maintenance and Safety During Snowy Weather

Learn how to safely maintain your natural gas meter

Your natural gas meter is designed and tested to work safely in various climate conditions. SoCalGas performs routine inspections on natural gas meters for our customers. However, there are times when external conditions or extreme weather can impact the operation or integrity of your meter. Here are some safety tips for keeping your natural gas meter safe.


    Maintain Clear Surroundings

    Year-round, keep the area in front of and around your natural gas meter clear. This includes bushes, clutter, debris, dirt, and other obstructions.

    Indoor Gas Meters

    For indoor natural gas meters, ensure ventilation points are not obstructed, and any source of ignition or heat is at least three feet away from the meter.

    Winter Care

    During the winter months, if you can, and it is safe to do so, we encourage you to clear the snow away from your natural gas meter with a broom or brush – never use a shovel or hard object to remove the snow from the meter, as this risks damaging the meter.


    Snow Removal Awareness

    When removing snow from the roof or the roads, ensure it’s not falling or piling up near the gas meter.