Mobilehome Park Utility Upgrade Program

Learn more about the Mobilehome Park Utility Upgrade Program and the benefits to both owners and residents.

We provide natural gas service to more than 1,600 Mobilehome Park (MHP) communities throughout our service territory.

In most of these communities, natural gas is delivered to a single master meter, where it's then distributed through MHP-owned natural gas submeter systems, which are maintained and operated by the MHP owner or property manager. These submetered systems beyond the SoCalGas master meter are the responsibility of MHP owners.

In March 2014, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved Decision (D.14-03-021), establishing a three-year, voluntary, statewide pilot program for MHP communities. This statewide pilot program directs investor-owned utilities to convert approximately 10 percent of MHP spaces in each utility's service territory from master meter/submeter natural gas and/or electric service to direct natural gas and electric utility service. Municipality-owned energy service providers are not obligated to participate in the program.

Mobilehome Park Utility Upgrade Program

Program Benefits

For MHP Owners

  • Provides peace of mind – MHP owners will no longer have to maintain or be liable for privately owned submetered natural gas systems.
  • Enhances safety and reliability – MHP owners will get new, professionally installed natural gas distribution systems that will enhance safety and reliability at their MHP.
  • Majority of cost paid by SoCalGas – Costs for installing new natural gas utility service up to individual resident meters, as well as to each mobile home (beyond the meter), are covered by the program.
  • Saves time and less hassle – MHP owners will no longer have to read natural gas meters, bill their residents or respond to utility service and program questions. These services will now be provided by SoCalGas.
  • Improves resident relationships – Resident service complaints will be directed to and handled by SoCalGas instead of the MHP owner/manager.

For MHP Residents

  • Enhances safety and reliability – MHPs will get new, professionally-installed natural gas systems that will enhance safety and reliability, and added confidence in knowing that the natural gas system is maintained by SoCalGas, a company with more than 140 years of experience.
  • New customer credit checks and fees waived – Upon transfer to direct utility service, SoCalGas will waive customer credit checks, service deposits and service establishment charges for MHP residents.
  • Enhances customer service
    • Income-qualified residents will have continued access to the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) 20 percent rate discount and Energy Savings Assistance Program no-cost weatherization services.
    • Qualified residents will also have continued access to the Medical Baseline Allowance which provides an additional natural gas allowance at the lowest rate for doctor-certified medical conditions.
    • Residents will be able to take advantage of SoCalGas’ energy efficiency rebates to save energy and money.
    • SoCalGas’ Advanced Meter technology allows customers to monitor their energy usage and to help set and achieve savings and conservation goals.
    • SoCalGas’ online and customer services available for energy-use questions or concerns.

Program Costs

To the meter

  • The majority of costs for replacing current natural gas master-meter/submeter systems to individual resident mobile homes will be paid for by SoCalGas.
Beyond the meter
  • Park owners, in agreement with SoCalGas, are responsible to determine a contractor to perform the work from the natural gas resident meter to the mobile home.
  • The cost will be reimbursed by SoCalGas. However, it may require upfront funding by mobilehome park owners.

Selection Process

  • The selection of MHP pilot participants was made by the CPUC's SED, based on risk assessment and other prioritization factors established by the CPUC. The CPUC's SED has the authority and responsibility for prioritizing conversions (not SoCalGas).
  • If the total number of eligible resident mobile homes exceeds the 10 percent allowed under the program, any excess MHPs will be placed on a waiting list. CPUC Forms of Intent received after the enrollment period may not be eligible to participate in the program or may be placed on the waiting list. Placement on the waiting list does not guarantee conversion to direct utility service.
  • For MHP owners inquiring about the status of their park, please contact the CPUC SED* directly.

After Park Selection

Once a park has been selected for program participation, SoCalGas will assign that park a representative who will serve as the MHP owner’s/manager's direct point of contact. The SoCalGas representative will work with MHP owners on:
  • Completing a more detailed MHP application requiring specific information and supporting documents about their MHPs that were selected to participate in the program
  • Construction planning (park assessment, construction impacts, etc.)
  • Completing and signing of a standard conversion pilot program agreement
  • Arranging onsite resident information meetings
  • Performing construction project management
  • Obtaining general construction permitting
  • Answering questions

What is Covered Under the Program

  • Engineering and planning
  • Routine permits
  • Typical civil work (trenching, in-kind surface restoration)
  • Main/service piping for mobile homes and already-served common areas
  • Meter
  • System cutover to the new system and master-meter removal
  • Safe purging of existing system
  • Labor
  • Connecting the resident meter to the mobile home (natural gas pipe, fittings, supports, flex connector)

MHP Owner Responsibilities

  • Until conversion occurs, maintaining and operating existing submetered system(s)
  • Supporting construction efforts
  • Hiring a qualified , licensed contractor to perform natural gas construction work from the resident's meter to the mobile home
  • Any permitting required for environmental, endangered species, cultural and any beyond the resident meter requirements
  • All environmental issues and remedies will remain with the MHP owner
  • Any incremental or alteration related MHP owner or resident service requests
  • Providing up-front funding for construction work beyond the resident meter
  • Additional equipment necessary to meet building code compliance, such as power supply cords, GFIs, smoke or CO detectors, etc.
  • Getting cooperation from residents
  • Acceptable abandonment of the legacy system, whatever that may involve
  • All other responsibilities included in the executed standard program agreement between the MHP owner and SoCalGas

Construction Phase

As with any major remodel, there will be a level of temporary inconvenience that is difficult to determine until construction work takes place.
  • Construction would include digging trenches for pipes in roadways and other general construction impacts such as noise, the presence of construction crews and staging areas for material and tools.
  • It may be necessary to close off access to parts of the park and surrounding areas (traffic lane closure and rerouting) while the work is being completed.
  • Prior and during construction, the utility will work with the MHP to inform residents of the work and coordinate construction.
SoCalGas will be responsible for coordinating and performing natural gas infrastructure work to the meter,

including trenching, new pipes and impacted surface repair. Owners and/or managers are responsible for contracting and managing the construction to connect each mobile home to its new individual meter.

After Conversion

For MHP Owners
  • At the start of direct SoCalGas service, the old master-meter will be removed and the submetered system will be left in its place. The submetered system remains the responsibility of the MHP owner. The MHP master-meter discount will stop.
  • MHP owners will be responsible for maintaining the new system beyond each resident's meter. SoCalGas ownership only extends to the resident's meter. 
For MHP Residents
  • Upon conversion to SoCalGas natural gas service, MHP residents will become direct customers of SoCalGas and will be individually billed at current residential customer rates. They will also become eligible to participate in residential customer programs that can help them save energy and money.

This program is subject to resolution of Advice No. 4673, Establishment of Rule No. 44, Mobilehome Park Conversion Program in Compliance with Decision (D.) 14-03-021.