How to Prepare for Fumigation

Learn how to schedule natural gas shut off and restoration services in preparation for fumigation.

If you're preparing to have your home or business fumigated, you will need to have your natural gas service shut off before any work can begin.

As part of our commitment to service and safety, we will close your natural gas service prior to fumigation, and restore it after the fumigating is done, all at no cost to you. In addition, as part of the restoration service, we can inspect and adjust all appliances for safety and efficiency.

NOTE: Under the regulations of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), only SoCalGas® or its certified contractors are authorized to operate the natural gas service shut-off valve. Fumigation contractors are not authorized to perform these services.

Natural Gas Shut Off Guidelines

Before scheduling your natural gas shut off (also known as a Close Order), be sure to read and understand the following guidelines:

  • A minimum of two (2) business days notice is required prior to the requested date to close natural gas service for fumigation. Large meters and multiple meters in one location may require additional time.
  • Safe access to the natural gas meter is required to close natural gas service. A close order may need to be rescheduled to a second workday if the company doesn't have access to the meter/property or a wrong address was provided.
  • We will come between 7 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. on the scheduled date to close your meter.
  • Close requests received on a Thursday or Friday may be scheduled for the following Monday; or Tuesday if the following Monday is a holiday.
  • Close requests received on a Saturday or Sunday may be scheduled for the following Tuesday; except holiday weekends which will be scheduled for the following Wednesday.
  • Requests received after 5 p.m. (any day) may be processed the next business day.
  • You'll receive a confirmation that your request has been received and processed.

Natural Gas Restoration Guidelines

To make the restoration of your natural gas service (also known as a Restore Order) as quick and painless as possible, keep in mind the following things:

  • A minimum of one (1) business day notice is required for restoration of natural gas service. Large meters and multiple meters in one location may require additional time.
  • Restores for 5 or more meters and/or units at the same location will not be completed on Saturdays and holidays.
  • The restore date may be scheduled for the same day of the tent removal or for a later date as instructed by the customer’s fumigation company.
  • Requests to restore natural gas service during a specific time frame are subject to schedule availability.
  • The re-entry notice must be verified by the field technician at the time of restore. Service restoration may be scheduled the same day the tent is removed if you provide SoCalGas with the “Certification for Re-entry” for the fumigation contractor, certifying that it is safe to re-enter the structure.
  • Restore orders require safe access to the natural gas meter and entry into the home/unit/building in order to turn on the natural gas meter and service the natural gas appliances. SoCalGas employees are not permitted to enter structures that are partially or fully tented for fumigation.
  • We will return a confirmation indicating we have received and processed your request.
  • Please call (800) 427-2200 for additional scheduling needs.
  • Please leave clear access to the natural gas meter and the front door.

2024 Fumigation Holiday Schedule

Back-On orders only will be scheduled and worked for the following 2024 holidays*:

  • Martin Luther King Day – Monday, January 15, 2024
  • President’s Day, Monday, February 19
  • Veteran’s Day, Saturday, November 11
  • Day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 29
  • Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24, (Observed)

No Fumigation orders will be scheduled or worked for the following 2024 holidays:

  • New Year’s Day, Monday, January 1
  • Memorial Day, Monday, May 27
  • Independence Day, Thursday, July 4
  • Labor Day, Monday, September 2
  • Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28
  • Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25

*Saturday and holiday Restore orders will be scheduled after 10 a.m.