School Officials and Natural Gas Safety

Ensure that your school is prepared to respond to a pipeline emergency.

Safety Plan Checklist

Use this checklist* to ensure you are prepared to quickly respond and protect students, staff and facilities.

School Pipeline Safety Brochure

Download and distribute this brochure* for safety information.

811 Classroom Kit

Teach elementary students the importance of protecting pipelines in and near your home using a video* sponsored by U.S. DOT and Common Ground Alliance*.

Emergency Preparedness

Read a summary of our emergency response plan. Detailed information has been provided to emergency response agencies in your area.

Pipeline Markers

Pipeline markers indicate the locations of most major pipelines near you. Since most pipelines are buried underground, pipeline markers are intended to let you know the approximate locations of major pipelines and include our emergency number. However, markers do not indicate the depth or number of pipelines in the area.

Here is an example of a pipeline marker you might see.


Pipeline Maps

If you want to find out where pipelines are located throughout your area, see the following maps:

Keep in mind that these maps only indicate the general location of pipelines and shouldn't be used as a substitute for calling 811 at least two business days before digging.