Natural Gas is Good for the Economy

Learn about the beneficial effects that natural gas has on local economy and job creation.

Natural gas is clean, affordable, abundant and domestic. All of these qualities make it a great choice for California's long-term future.

Today, natural gas adds more than $36 billion to the state's annual economy and supports a quarter of a million good-paying jobs. By 2035, natural gas production is expected to contribute $3.3 billion in annual wages to California workers.1 In the U.S. as a whole, the natural gas industry employs people in all 50 states – supporting direct, indirect and induced jobs.

With natural gas, we can clean up our air and build the economy. It's a win-win.

Households that use natural gas for heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying save an average of $693 per year compared to homes using electricity for those applications.2 That $693 represents the average amount of extra disposable income delivered to every American household each year through 2015 as a result of low natural gas prices.

Courtesy of the American Gas Association.

A Smart Business Decision

Businesses, both commercial and industrial, can save when they transition to the use of natural gas. In 2012, the average commercial customer saved nearly $2,500 on his/her annual energy bill due to low natural gas prices, compared to 2008.

According to IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Inc. affordable, natural gas can help the nation's chemicals sector over the next dozen years, creating more than 300,000 jobs and driving half a trillion dollars in production through 2025.1

With natural gas we can clean up our air and build the economy.