SB 1440 Biomethane Procurement Request for Offers

Latest Updates:

Closing date of this solicitation has been extended to Friday, September 1st. This decision stems from our commitment to address all inquiries from the Q&A. Our aim is to provide ample time for all parties to thoroughly evaluate all the requirements and subsequently submit their bids. We look forward to receiving your submissions within the revised timeframe. Please ensure to review complete schedule below for the most up to date outlook.

Participants intending to submit offers in response to this RFO, should follow the steps below;

  1. Register in Ariba to be connected to SoCalGas Gas Acquisition’s Supplier Network.
  2. You should receive an email from SoCalGas Gas Acquisition approving your organization.
  3. You should receive an email from SoCalGas Gas Acquisition to participate in our “SB1440 Biomethane Procurement RFO” Event.

If you have not received the abovementioned emails, please re-register or reach out to

IMPORTANT: If you have registered prior to 12 PM (PST) on July 10th, 2023, please re-register using the registration link above.

SoCalGas is issuing the SB 1440 Biomethane Procurement Request for Offers (RFO) in compliance with California Public Utilities Commission Decision 22-02-025 to solicit offers from eligible participants to sell and deliver to SoCalGas biomethane in the form of renewable natural gas and/or bio-synthetic natural gas.

This website provides a general overview of the RFO process as well as the documents and schedule applicable to the RFO. To access the RFO and all related documents, including the RFO Protocol, you must first register with SAP Ariba. For more information, visit the Help Portal. Participants intending to submit offers in response to the RFO must read the RFO Protocol (including all attachments) in its entirety to fully understand all aspects of the RFO.

Participants are invited to attend a Pre-Bid Conference Call where the RFO will be reviewed and questions answered. Participants must first register with Ariba to receive access to this event.

Participants are encouraged to check this website and Ariba periodically for updates, notices, postings, and other communications, and any revisions to the RFO Protocol or the solicitation process. As further described in the RFO Protocol, SoCalGas, in its sole discretion, may update or change the terms, requirements, and schedule of the RFO. Respondents should monitor this website and Ariba for announcements regarding any updates or changes.

The following schedule and deadlines apply to the RFO. Please see the RFO Protocol for additional information related to each line item below. SoCalGas reserves the right to revise this schedule at any time and in SoCalGas’s sole discretion.

SB 1440 Biomethane Procurement RFO IssuedJuly 10, 2023
Pre-Bid Conference CallJuly 17, 2023
Deadline to Submit Questions to SoCalGasJuly 31, 2023
Responses to All Questions by SoCalGasAugust 7, 2023
Closing Date
(Offers must be submitted to SAP Ariba website no later than 3PM (California Time)
September 1, 2023
SoCalGas Notifies Shortlisted Bidder(s)September 29, 2023
Written notification due in Ariba from shortlisted Participants indicating either (1) withdrawal from the RFO, or (2) acceptance of shortlisted standing. Participants accepting shortlisted standing must post a Shortlist Acceptance Fee+10 business days after shortlist notification
Offtake Agreement Negotiations CompletedMay 24, 2024

Correspondence; Contact Information:

Ariba will be used for all correspondence between SoCalGas and RFO participants. Questions from participants must be submitted via Ariba before the deadline set forth above. Questions submitted after such deadline will not be answered. To ensure consistency and maintain fairness, responses will be posted to Ariba with the question and the response below it to be viewed by all participants. Originators of the questions will remain anonymous.

For any general question or access issues, please email

Key RFO Documents Accessible via Ariba:

  • RFO Protocol, including attachments thereto:
    • Project Description Form
    • Offtake Agreement
    • Credit Application
    • SBPM Questionnaire Form
  • Bidders Conference Slide Deck