Emergency Disaster Relief

SoCalGas wants to help ease the burden on those impacted by a natural disaster when a State of Emergency has been declared by the California Governor or federally declared by the President of the United States. For customers who are without natural gas service and those needing to relocate (either temporarily or permanently) due to damages incurred, such as fire/mudslide damage, the following changes will apply as part of the policy:

  • Final bills will be forgiven to relieve customers whose homes have been red-tagged.
  • Flexible payment arrangements will be available for customers who live in impacted areas who are able to return home, upon request.

We also want to assure customers who have had their natural gas service temporarily turned off at the request of emergency responders that they will not be billed for service during this temporary outage.

For more information, please contact our customer service helpline at 1-800-427-2200.

Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be billed for service for the period that my natural gas service was interrupted?

If natural gas service was interrupted to your address as a precaution or due to the damage to your home, you will not be billed for the days that you were without service.

How will my bill reflect the interruption of service?

The Current Charges section of your bill will reflect the days that we provided you service. If service was interrupted in the middle of the billing period, you will notice that we have broken your billing period into two intervals. The first interval covers service from the last date we billed to the date of the interruption. The second interval covers service from the date that we restored service to the last date of the service covered by the current bill. The gap between the date of the interruption and the date we restored service reflect the days of interruption for which you are not being charged.   You can view your bill online at www.socalgas.com/pay-bill/my-account

Which bill will reflect the interruption of service?

The first regularly scheduled bill you receive after your service was restored will reflect the interruption of service. It will be reflected as stated above. 

I was billed for service during the period of interruption. Do I need to request a corrected bill?

If your bill does not reflect the service interruption as described above please call us at 1-800-427-2200 with your information and we will investigate.  You can view your bill online at www.socalgas.com/pay-bill/my-account

Will you bill me for natural gas service if my home was damaged or lost due to a natural disaster during a declared State of Emergency?

We work with the local agencies to identify all homes that were damaged or destroyed. If your home was damaged or destroyed, your account will be closed as of the date of the emergency. You will receive a final statement from us to confirm that your account has been closed but you will not be assessed any charges for service for closing bill period. If you had an existing deposit or credit balance, you will be issued a refund check for that balance. Your final statement and refund check will be mailed separately to the mailing address on record. Please contact us at 1-800-427-2200 if you need to update this information.