Planning and Construction Services

Resources for residential and non-residential construction projects.

Natural Gas Service Guidebook

Our Natural Gas Service Guidebook can help you effectively navigate our service establishment process including legal regulatory and safety information.

New Construction Status Tracker

Track the status of your residential or non-residential new construction projects once you’ve received your e-mail confirmation notice.

Submitting Your Project Plans Electronically

Learn how to submit your engineering plans electronically with our electronic data transfer process.

Line Extension Process

Follow this step-by-step process for establishing a natural gas line extension.

Understanding Your Line Extension Contract

Learn how to read and understand your line extension contract.

Residential New Construction 2 PSIG Program

Learn how utilizing elevated pressure can save you money in new residential building projects.

Stormwater Management Best Practices

Standardized best management practices to reduce or eliminate pollutants in runoff from construction projects for water quality protection.

Industry-related Websites

Review our list of helpful non-SoCalGas websites.