Learn how to submit your engineering plans electronically with our electronic data transfer process.

To help save you time and money, you can now submit your engineering plans for projects electronically.

Once we have your file, we'll translate your landbase and substructure graphic data into our CAD format using MicroStation and our custom-designed software. Your data will then made available electronically to our planners to help expedite development of construction plans for your natural gas service installation.


  • No printing or delivery
  • Faster utility design because we don't have to recreate your landbase, and we can reference other features electronically.

How to Prepare Your Files

Supply an organized, identifiable and isolatable data structure for each of the property record maps, including the following features:

  • Record map boundary (include record map numbers, bearings and distances)
  • Public and private streets with names and width
  • Lot lines with lot numbers
  • Street centerlines
  • Public utility easements
  • Building footprints with numbers and names
  • Driveways
  • Walls (retaining, landscape, etc.)
  • Curbs and gutters, public sidewalks and contours
  • Substructures — water, sewer, storm drains and any other utilities available (future and existing)
  • Right-of-way limits (flood control, railroad, etc., with names and width)

Data to Include

  • Dimensioning for all features listed above
  • Legends identifying features and symbology
  • Scale (English/metric)
  • Digital copy of title sheets(s) for record maps (i.e., tract maps, parcel maps, etc.) to be recorded
  • Detailed site vicinity map
  • Digital copy of traverse closure report
  • Custom text and symbol libraries

Acceptable CAD File Formats (listed in order of preference):

  • MicroStation (.dgn) version J or lower
  • AutoCAD (.dwg) Version 2004/LT2004 or lower
  • Universal format (.dxf)

Notices and Restrictions

  • Please submit the latest version of your data
  • Please note that email is not secure and may be subject to unauthorized access by third parties.
  • We don't accept .bat, .cmd, .eml, .exe, .js, .pif, .scr, .shs, .vbe, .vbs or .zip files.

How to Submit Plans

  • Prepare and submit this Feature Checklist along with your plans. (Note: A new form should be supplied with each set of digital or paper plans being submitted)
  • Email your files to scgmapping@SempraUtilities.com (Attachments must total less than 10 MB)
  • If the attached files exceed 10 MB, please submit files using the SoCalGas® Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) site (https://edt.sempra.com).
  • CDs, disks, diskettes or paper copies should be mailed to your SoCalGas representative. If you don't know your representative, call the SoCalGas Electronic Data Hotline at (858) 654-6300.