Natural Gas Vehicle Incentives and Grants

Learn about available tax credits grants and incentives for purchasing new natural gas vehicles.

Current Grants and Incentives for Natural Gas Vehicles

If you're considering buying a natural gas vehicle for your fleet, you may be eligible for tax credits, grants, incentives or other funding opportunities.These grants can help offset the purchase price of new NGVs and might help fund the construction of a fueling station

South Coast Air Quality Management District

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has a jurisdiction* that covers most of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. If your operation is based here, these programs may apply to you.
The Carl Moyer Program provides grants to help replace older heavy-duty diesel engines. The program is currently closed, but will be opening in early 2018. Email the NGV team if you are interested in a new near-zero emissions CNG truck to replace your diesel.
For fleets with 10 or fewer vehicles: you may be eligible for financing through the Voucher Incentive Program*. You can contact one of the SCAQMD VIP dealerships for more information as well.
For school buses* , the SCAQMD has the Lower-Emission School Bus Incentive Program* , as well as a CNG Tank Replacement program1.

Statewide Grants and Incentives

Voucher Incentive Program (Statewide)1 - Low NOx Natural Gas Engine* vehicles, up to $15,000 each. - Apply now through a dealer*.
The Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Project* provides incentives to reduce the purchase price of new on-road natural gas vehicles for use in California. Apply now* for up to $25,000 per truck.
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) also has a comprehensive list of Air Pollution Incentives, Grants and Credit Programs.

San Joaquin Valley

The Truck Voucher Program*  allows participants to apply to receive up to $50,000 through SJVAPCD-certified dealerships to replace old, high-polluting, heavy-duty diesel trucks. For more information, you can contact one of the contracted dealerships*.
Class 5 & 6 on-road trucks apply for up to $40,000 for a new clean air truck1.

San Diego County

The Truck Voucher Incentive Program* provides funding opportunities for fleets with 10 or fewer vehicles to quickly replace or retrofit their older heavy-duty diesel vehicles.
The Carl Moyer Program* in San Diego County often has opportunities for vehicle replacement grants. The program is currently closed. Email the NGV team if you are interested in a new near-zero emissions CNG truck to replace your diesel1.

Our NGV group can assist you in identifying sources of funding and applying for funds. Funding sources change regularly, so please contact us at 1-800-427-2000 or email us to request a point of contact. We can review all of the latest applicable incentives with you. If appropriate, we can refer you to a qualified grant writing specialist who can further assist you in obtaining funding.


The information below is for general information only. Please contact your tax advisor or the tax codes for details of any bill, measure or program.

Federal Tax Incentives

The NGVAmerica * website contains all of the latest information on federal grants and incentives.

Federal Incentives for School Buses

Please see the NGVAmerica* site for information on The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean School Bus USA program.

1 These programs are funded and administered by the resepctive entities and air districts. SoCalGas has no responsibility, and shall not be liable in connection with the administration, implementation, or funding of these programs.