Rebates & Incentives

Get money back when upgrading your home to the latest energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

Available Rebates

Buying a new appliance? Search for available rebates to see how much you can save.

SoCalGas® Home Upgrade

If you are planning to make significant upgrades to your home SoCalGas offers incentives of up to $5,500. Make your home more comfortable save money and energy all at the same time.

Energy-Efficiency Financing

Learn about our energy-efficiency financing opportunities.

Energy-Efficiency Starter Kit

Start saving energy and money with our complimentary energy-efficiency starter kit.

Residential Direct Install Program (RESDI)

Learn about how the Residential Direct Install Program can help you save energy and lower your utility bills.

Comprehensive Mobile Home Program

Learn about no-cost energy evaluations and efficiency improvements for qualified mobile home customers.