Research and Development

Reducing the environmental impact for us and our customers.

Technology Innovation Series

SoCalGas® is consistently looking for opportunities to reduce our environmental impact as well as the impact of our customers. Our Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) department collaborates with customers, businesses and manufacturers in search of potential projects to test new products and technologies that will save energy and reduce emissions. These projects not only help meet state and federal requirements for reducing greenhouse gases and emissions but can create huge cost savings for our customers. The Technology Innovation video series explores the ways RD&D works directly with customers and manufacturers to test products in real world applications, measure results, determine and address potential problems and commercialize the final technology for wider market applications.

Introduction Video 

Caring About Air Quality: Understanding NOx and CO2 emissions

Learning what the differences are between ozone, smog, CO2 and NOx is critical to understanding the problems being faced in Southern California and the world. This video provides an overview of the terminology that is used throughout the Technology Innovation Series.
  • Houweling's Tomatoes

    Visit a huge commercial greenhouse that uses a combined heat-and-power (CHP) system to generate electricity and even repurposes CO2 to benefit crop production. Houweling’s Tomatoes is setting the bar for conservation and sustainability and their collaboration with SoCalGas for their CHP system is one of the first of its kind in California.
  • Eastern Municipal Water District

     As air quality regulations continue to becoming more stringent in California, many companies will need to look for new technology to meet the state’s goals. SoCalGas worked towards a solution for Eastern Municipal Water District with Tecogen to reduce energy costs and emissions.
  • Galileo Technologies

    Take a closer look at a refueling system for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles that encourages the growth of CNG transportation by increasing convenience and refueling options. Galileo Technologies develop CNG products that are continuously more efficient, reliable and easy to operate to promote the use of natural gas, which is affordable, abundant and efficient. 
  • Inland Empire Foods

     In collaboration with SoCalGas and the Gas Technology Institute, a flex combined heat and power (CHP) turbine at Inland Empire Foods – a Southern California business that manufacturers legumes such as black beans, black-eyed peas, garbanzo beans and more. The flex CHP system helps Inland Empire foods to save on energy costs and their ability to meet state mandates for air quality emissions.
  • SoCalGas Honor Rancho Facility

    Learn about a carburetor system for stationary, rich-burn, internal combustion engines that automatically monitors emissions to meet stringent air quality compliance regulations. The SoCalGas Honor Rancho facility was the perfect place to collaborate with Continental Controls to reduce emissions in one of the facility's internal combustion engines.
  • Near-Zero NOx Emissions NGV Engine

    Ride along with a revolutionary new natural gas engine for heavy-duty vehicles that reliably and economically delivers near-zero NOx emissions, 90 percent lower than current federal Environmental Protection Agency air quality standards. Metro is the largest transit property in the U.S. to switch fully to CNG and currently has over 2,500 buses running on natural gas.