Ventura Modernization Project Newsletter

Overview of the activities planned at the SoCalGas compressor station.

Newsletter 27 – August 17, 2023

Modernization Project Update

SoCalGas intends to file an Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN), including an accompanying Proponent’s Environmental Assessment (PEA) pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), on August 24, 2023. A CPCN is required to be issued by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for certain gas infrastructure projects pursuant to General Order 177. The proposal in the application incorporates feedback received from the community that SoCalGas solicited from the outreach conducted since the modernization project was introduced in 2021.

Upon filing the CPCN application, SoCalGas will send out information in a bill insert to customers, and a project notice will also be sent to residents near the project location. Once the CPCN application is filed with the CPUC, the next steps will include CEQA review, which could take approximately 18 months or more. The process will engage the public and community stakeholders before any decision on the project is made. We encourage community members to stay informed with this process, by visiting

Soil Remediation Update

Since May 2023, SoCalGas has been conducting soil remediation work at the Ventura Compressor Station. The project will continue through the month of August to remove contaminated soil near the western property line. Remediation work will take place on the weekends when E.P Foster Elementary students are not in class. As we’ve shared in prior communications, this project is separate from the proposed Ventura Compressor Modernization Project, and will be completed in cooperation with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) in accordance with an approved DTSC Removal Action Workplan.

To control dust during remediation activities, water spray is being used at all times during this process. Residents have access to an interactive dashboard at where they can monitor the level of dust, vapor, emissions, noise and wind speeds detected at five different monitoring stations we placed at the facility.

The remediation project has been coordinated to limit the impact on residents and businesses in the community. Additional truck traffic is being routed through commercial and industrial properties to Stanley Street to avoid significant impacts to drivers and local businesses and residents. The dates of this project, and the necessary extensions, were selected in coordination with the Ventura Unified School District.



Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura Visit the [H2] Innovation Experience

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura visited the SoCalGas® Energy Resource Center in the City of Downey on August 3, for a day of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) exploration and a tour of the [H2] Innovation Experience ([H2]IE). Students had the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities and were able to speak directly with SoCalGas engineers to learn about the energy industry and potential STEM careers. The goal of the visit was to provide students with resources about related careers and inspire them to learn more about clean energy systems.

Throughout the day, the group of students toured SoCalGas’s [H2]IE and had the opportunity to explore auxiliary energy equipment including fuel cells, an electrolyzer, and solar panels. Following the tour, students heard from Andy Carrasco, SoCalGas Vice President of Communications, Local Government and Community Affairs, about his career journey, and ended the day with a team-building activity where they competed to build a windmill with the fastest-spinning blades. The team with the fastest windmill won fun prizes!


The SoCalGas [H2]IE is North America’s first-of its kind, clean, renewable hydrogen powered microgrid and home. The [H2]IE shows how clean renewable hydrogen and microgrids can help power homes and enhance grid reliability. The home converts excess energy generated from solar panels into clean hydrogen, which can be stored and then converted back into electricity via an on-site hydrogen fuel cell. As these future leaders toured the home, the students experienced the power of tomorrow. For more information on [H2]IE, visit



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