Ventura Modernization Project Newsletter

Overview of the activities planned at the SoCalGas compressor station.

Newsletter 18 - June 27, 2022

Next steps for the Ventura compressor station modernization project

We’d like to thank the community for their involvement and input in our Ventura Compressor Station and the planned modernization project. We will continue to keep the community informed as we transition through our next steps. SoCalGas submitted a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on June 21, 2022, noting the completion of the Ventura Compressor Station feasibility study and community outreach meetings. Within the letter, SoCalGas outlined our intent to move forward with planning and procurement for the preferred modernization project consisting of a hybrid equipment configuration with two gas and two electric compressors, as compared to an all-natural gas project, at the current site. It is estimated that the preferred project would result in an additional 50% reduction in permitted NOx emissions when compared to the all-natural gas project, and approximately 75% reduction in permitted NOx emissions when compared to the existing units at the facility today.  Additionally, to further enhance these air quality benefits, SoCalGas will prioritize the operation of the electric units on a first-on and last-off basis unless these units are not available for operation when needed for safe system reliability operations. We believe it supports our commitment to continue to safely deliver increasingly clean and reliable energy to the communities we serve while advancing our climate goals and reducing air emissions.

Methane detector and soil remediation project update

SoCalGas committed to installing fence-line methane monitoring equipment along the perimeter of the Ventura Compressor Station with plans to begin installation during the week of July 5th. The system will continuously monitor for methane at the facility perimeter to provide additional transparency about operations at the facility. 

The City of Ventura approved the installation activities, which are anticipated to take approximately 9 to 12 weeks to complete and will occur between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Construction equipment consists of dump trucks, backhoes, vacuum truck excavators, water trucks, and reach lifts. After being installed, calibrated, and tested, the fence-line methane monitoring system will monitor methane on all four sides of the station. The data will be shared on  

In addition, as noted in our letter to the CPUC, SoCalGas plans to move forward with our soil remediation project. As a long-time community partner we temporarily suspended that work to be responsive to the community and focus our efforts on enhancing our outreach. The project will remove impacted soil associated with historical industrial uses on the property. This work will be performed in compliance with all applicable environmental and public health laws and include on-site air monitoring. Prior to remediating the soil, lead paint and asbestos will be removed at the existing office and warehouse by appropriately trained individuals and then the buildings will be demolished. 

For more information, please visit or contact us at or (805) 681-7937.