Public Officials and Natural Gas Safety

Safety information for local leaders and public works permitting and planning officials.

If you're a public works, permitting or planning official working on a city planning and development project that involves work around natural gas pipelines, the following safety information will help make sure your project goes smoothly.

City Planning and Development Projects with SoCalGas®

We encourage you to review the information provided by the Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance* (PIPA) because the decisions you make can impact the safety of the community surrounding the pipeline. You can always contact us and we can guide you through safe practices when building around our major natural gas pipelines.

Planning Resources

High Consequence Area (HCA) Designation

It’s important to know if your city is designated as a High Consequence Area (HCA) or Non-High Consequence (Non-HCA) Area.* Pipeline safety regulations use the concept of HCAs to identify specific locations where a natural gas leak could have the most significant adverse consequences. Your city's designation is based on population and pipeline locations.

Additional Resources